Water Mains: 2006 was the last time a tree trunk was used to transport water. Is this better for the environment?

  • Water mains should be made of wood

    A tree trunk was once used to transport water. This method is much better for the environment because it is using organic products rather than relying on man-made inventions that disrupt the natural order of things. Wooden water mains should become much more common than they are at the moment.

  • Yes, it is.

    Using a tree trunk to transport water is not good for the environment because it damages the tree. Trees are an important natural resource and we need to protect them as much as we can. Without trees we would not have oxygen to breathe and it would be very hot.

  • It's not practical.

    I don't think that transporting water in tree trunks is a practical or viable option. The sturdy containers used to transport water can be used over and over, so they are not harmful to the environment. In addition, they take less time to manufacture, which results in increased productivity and profits.

  • Transporting Water Through Tree Trunk Good for Planet

    It would be better for the environment if the process of transporting water through tree trunks was more widespread. This process can cut down on the use a machinery and vehicles, thus cutting down on the fuel emissions entering the atmosphere. Any time we can mimic nature we are helping the environment.

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