• Yes they were.

    Even though the jokes may not have gotten a warm reception, Banks chose to show how foolish Trump is and that is alright in my books. The Democrats need to pull out all the stops if they are to win this election and getting Hollywood and bland jokes on board is just a part of that strategy. Besides, in another setting, the jokes might have been hilarious.

  • Yes, satire is an effective form of communication.

    Yes, she was only trying to make a point about how over-the-top Donald Trump's appearance and speech seemed to many who watched the Republican National Convention. Banks is an actress and has performed several comedic roles. It is only natural that she would bring some of that talent to her speech at the Democratic National Convention. Clearly, she was satirizing Trump; that can be a good way of making a point. Humor is often an effective tool when a serious approach might not work.

  • Don't make jokes at the expense of others

    It was an important moment after Hillary's nomination. The jokes made at Donald Trump's expense were the wrong item to fill
    that moment, and there was little response from the crowd. Next time there is an important moment, leave the levity at home, especially if it is at another person's expense.

  • No, she was crude.

    Elizabeth Bank's jokes were a little too crude and a little distasteful for such a large audience. She should have toned down her jokes and considered the fact that young children were watching the broadcast of the DNC. While funny, these jokes would have made more sense for a different audience.

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