• Heros of World Wars II, the Self-Sacrificing Aces

    Self-sacrificing aces of World War II were heroes deserving respect. These pilots fought for home and country with their lives, completely giving themselves to support a cause they would never be able to see. Rather than fleeing after using up available tools and weaponry, heroes like Heinrich Ehrler used their own bodies and lives as final weapons against enemies of their homeland.

  • Yes, in some circles he'd be considered a hero.

    Yes, he'd be considered a hero by some, and I wouldn't want to take that away from them. Personally, I think everyday heroes are far more heroic -- people who save lives, who teach others, who dedicate their lives to service. But in our culture, there are war heroes, and if somebody wants to see him as such, who am I to take that away.

  • Flying aces should be celebrated for their bravery

    Flying aces have held a storied role in history: we tend to view them through the lens of their flying ability and how that contributed to the wartime success of whatever cause or side that they were fighting for. While Heinrich Ehrler was a Nazi pilot, he should still be respected for his flying abilities.

  • Just ducking demons

    Wars do not make heroes. Heroic people are who they are, we just may never have cause to find out. What Ehrler did was akin to suicide by police officer. Rather than face his demons for the lives he had taken, he found a way to die as a martyr and took it.

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