• Women were women and men were men

    The 1950s were a better, simpler time to live and I'll give you 10 reasons why.

    1. The fifties also brought us some of the best cars in the history of the automobile such as the 1959 Cadillac Coupe Deville.

    2. You could smoke where ever you pleased

    3. Everyone went to church

    4. Business could refuse service to anyone

    5. Men went to work, women stayed home to raise the kids

    6. Almost nobody did drugs

    7. The divorce rate was very low

    8. We had a booming economy

    9. Obama wasn't president

    10. Our country was on top of the world

  • YES, very much

    Depends on which country you are and which family you came. I'm still in my early twenties but I am feeling that the world is a mess right now, makes me feel unsafe everytime. I always have talks with my grandpa and him telling me how wonderful their lives were. My country was great then; less pollution; less technology(i dont like what technologies have become); kids were respectful (well, most people now arent respectful in many ways); cool stuff were made in those times; though those years have bloody wars but it's the same as what is going on now--though virtually and soon to come; people then have a cool fashion; though these times have better medicines than before,......Still in short, the world was wonderful.

  • Yes Life Was Better

    Back then, one guy working in a factory could make enough money to support his family, buy a house, a car, and some nice necessities. While today people working in factories earning minimum wage can barely afford to live in even a small apartment. Also it was Americas golden age, with everyone living the American dream.

  • Self discipline was expected:

    Parents and teachers were allowed to discipline students, which created quieter, safer environments for growing and learning. Also, people were asked to be responsible for their actions, and they were told that behaving in certain ways had consequences. Nowadays children (and many adults) expect to do whatever they want, and if anyone speaks up about it, they can call the media or their lawyer. While people did sue in the 1950's, it was not a way to "strike it rich." I think the main difference between now and the '50's is the discipline factor. I grew up in the 60's and adults were not afraid to insist on good behavior. They are now: lawsuits!

    Posted by: Kaye
  • Yes the 50s were great!

    Of course there were problems as with any time period but America in the 1950s was a very special place to be. People looked at the world optimistically, today people try to say they are "realists" but we all know that's just a cover for pessimism. Today people try to attack the 50s in every way possible with things such as racism and the lack of feminism. Yes the racist parts of the 50s were bad but that's such a small part of what the decade was. And besides the 1950s was the decade when people started to make a stand against segregation. And the feminist issue, well modern America is just disoriented. Yes equal pay for equal work should be common sense but today there seems to be more women acting more masculine than a lot of men, and more men that act more so feminine than a lot of men. Today's kids think the world values our modern feminist culture but in actuality it's just plain creepy. So the 50s were a decade in which men acted like men and women acted like women; maybe the workforce should have held more options for women but sadly it didn't and that's apart of what makes the 50s imperfect. The 1950s none the less was a great time to be alive with post war abundance and economic prosperity it's a time to be missed.

  • Optimism, culture, and the economy

    Most people in the 50s were happy and couldn't really ask for anything better. Attire was elegent with suits and fedoras for men, and beautiful dresses for women. Music was relatable and unique. The economy was booming. At that point you could have got an average job and get enough for rent and a little on the side to spend freely. The American dream was real at the time, you start off small and work hard to get the comfortable life for all that work, nowadays your chance at that dream is how rich your parents are. I'm not saying that it was perfect, but it was an amazing time and it saddens me that it was in the past

  • Yes, the economy was strong.

    Yes, the 1950s were the best time to live, because the economy was healthy and people were generally happy. The 1950s, along with 1920s, produced some of the best music that has ever been written. Listening to my grandparents, the 1950s were a wonderful time to live and they produced many happy memories.

  • Things were simpler

    Life was worth living. It had a good value as it had been hard fought for. People were content with what they had and made do if not. The music, fashion and people had a great feel good factor unlike today which is devoid of such. We have lost so much but thankfully through the music we can relive those days!

  • Life was happier

    One could pay off the mortgage much quicker. Women could afford not to work and to give their children and husbands lots of attention and well kept homes and be well rested, not overworked like we all are now. Taxes were lower, not almost half of salary like now. Optimism was promoted by media, unlike now. Nowadays media is pushing for more and more only gruesome murders and they have to be described in all details, sick people. This makes you throw away TV, radio and computer.

  • Definitely 100% yes

    Firsty, the music was a lot better and we had danced where people could dance all night long. The movies were better and the cars were better. Things were less expensive, i mena this was because people had no money but its still no reason why things are so expensive now

  • Sexism in the 1950s

    In the 1950s professional jobs were still largely closed off to women. It was not unusual for companies to have a written policy that stated that women should be paid less than men. On average, women earned only 60 percent of what men did. In addition, many women faced pressure from their families to stay home and not work at all outside the home.

    In addition to facing family and social pressures to stay home, cook and raise children, women's rights in the home were severely limited. In many states women's property rights were still restricted. In some states women could not make contracts, including wills. They also could not sell property and in many cases they could not control their own earnings. All of these were the legal right of the woman's husband or father.

    In almost every state, men had the right to have sex with their wife any time they wanted to, with or without her consent. There was, in other words, no such thing as rape if a couple was married, and any form of birth control was still illegal in many places. The combination of these two meant that a woman was almost legally obligated to have children if her husband wanted them.

  • Father Knows Best Fantasy

    Built with cheap aluminum trim, a '59 coup de ville provided all the weight of a sturdier car with none of the safety. At $50,000 in 2012 dollars, coups were relatively expensive for a 10 mpg death trap. A Honda Fit today might not be big or pretty, but if you ran a Fit into a Coup head on, both cars would be totaled, the driver of the Fit would survive while the Coup would have trapped his head under the gigantic steering wheel while his spinal column would have continued through the windshield.

    Lung cancer deaths doubled from 20 to 40 deaths per 100,00 in the 50's. Lung cancer death continued to rise to 90 deaths per 100, 000 in 1990. We are now down under 60 as the last of 50's smokers hack their way to the grave.

    Everyone went to church? Bullsh*t. Weekly churchgoing by Protestant denominations is about 23%, slightly up from 20% of the 50s. Catholic Church attendance crashed after both world wars and continued to decline thru the 50s

    Businesses still retain the same rights of refusal as the 50s. What you meant to say was "Remember when blacks weren't allowed to eat restaurants? Wasn't that great?"

    40% of married women with children had a job in the 50s. Double that for minorities and the poor. The important difference was that women were confined to factories, typewriters, and toilets with basic pay.

    The 50s were the golden age of uppers and downers. Amphetamine, Valium, alcohol were normalized during ww2 and by the 50s were everyday features of the workplace.
    In spite of new legislation, marijuana, heroin, and cocaine consumption all increased dramatically in the 50s

    Divorce rates doubled in the 50s, but women had fewer rights in the division of children and property so unhappy women stayed married. The more important statistic is how many couples who married in the 50s stayed married after the law changed. The fact is that marriages from the 1950s and 1960s have the highest rate of eventual divorce. A couple married today has a far better chance of never divorcing than the 50s, mostly because we marry at a much later age.

    Thanks to the large govt investments in education and infrastructure, yes, but it depends on who you were. White people moved out of the cities and into the suburbs, causing construction booms. For the people in the cities and the country, the economy declined. Broken post war economies couldn't compete so the US could monopolize many markets.

    Obama wasn't president?
    Too bad. Think of how much more integrated this country would be if we'd been openminded enough to elect a black president in the 50s?

    10. Our country was on top of the world

    ...With a jackboot on the throat of many. When you look at US willingness to assassinate democratically elected leaders and replace them with American puppet regimes, it's a wonder any lover of democracy would consider the 50s a happy time.

  • Not even a little bit.

    Rampant sexism, racism, and intolerance. Systemic violence against women, blacks, and homosexuals. A time when America lived in a brief yet unsustainable dream where a person with no higher education and no skills could earn a great living with good benefits- something that has never and will never happen again anywhere else and was a product of our brief post-WWII manufacturing boom.
    This nostalgia for the Fifties is ridiculous and makes me think the folks perpetuating it don't know much about the Era.

  • Sexism in the 1950s

    I would like to think that everyone can agree that the 1950s was not the best time to live in because women were considered below men in the eyes of the law. A woman in the 50s could legally be paid less for doing the same job as a man. Also, during the 1950s sexism against women was something that was normal and expected by both men and women.

  • Only if you were a rich white straight guy.

    Ah, the fifties, where racism, sexism, and homophobia all ran amok. People were locked up or murdered for not fitting into the ideology of an American. It was okay to abuse your spouse if they even said the wrong thing, and the country was recovering from war. What a time to live... For a white rich cis gender straight man. If you were anything else in those times, you were screwed over by society.

    Of course, the majority of the people who actually like this idea, that the world lived and ran like this, are white men who just want to go back to a time where that was all happening again and they had the majority of the power.

    Not gonna happen. To the people who want this, get over it and catch up to us already.

  • People think the past is better than it is.

    It always seems to me people think the past is better than it was, the present is bad, and the future will hold disappointment. I think now is as good as any time to live and i you don't like it do something about it, besides people are people just as they were then.

  • Under no circumstances!

    The 1950's were rife with heternormative, cis-sexist, bigotry aimed at forcing people into gender and sexuality roles they may not be comfortable with. If a woman wants to go into law enforcement or a man wants to pursue a career as a professional dancer, there's no reason they should be stopped or judged based on societally created gender norms on what is or is not appropriate for each gender to do. Beyond that, if two consenting adults of either gender happen to fall in love, nobody has any right to stand in their way. Their relationship is doing harm to no one, and barring creating a social taboo against same sex relationships will NOT stop them from occurring, simply force them to exist in the shadows, which isn't fair.

    Now let's consider the idea of race. Technically speaking, race in and of itself is a socially created idea. A white couple has a 1/16 chance of having a black baby. Don't believe me? Look it up. What this means is that WE as a society have created the divide between the races that we decided (yes, decided) exist based purely on a differentiation of melanin content (that's skin pigmentation for those who don't know. Sun exposure increases melanin production in ALL races, so that's how you get a tan) and physical phenotypes. I SERIOUSLY don't care if I'm white or not - I have no interest going back to a time before school integration, when the Jim Crow Laws were still in effect, when multi-racial marriages were illegal, and when it was common practice to legally force people of color into run down shantytowns in the outskirts of a city, because it was illegal to sell them a home in the suburbs too ensure that the suburb was kept white. Don't believe me? Look up what red lining is.

    And this is just a SMALL fraction of what was wrong with that time period. Lack of medical advancement, Christianity being the ONLY openly accepted religion, a woman could say "no" to her husband in bed and it was actually legally impossible for him to rape her because it was viewed as her wifely duty, low-key (and not so low-key) domestic violence, both on the spousal end and towards children, and there was NOTHING you could do about it because it was commonplace and viewed as acceptable...No. No thank you.

    You guys are getting some level of a gilded View of this time era through movies. That's not what the time period was like, and you need to do your historical research, look it up, and realize the truth.

  • Sadly, I can't say this was a good time

    Only for white men, while I liked that people had standards and it feels there was more effort put into a lot of things, woman didn't get treated properly and blacks definitely got treated wrong, if blacks and woman were treated equally, not better, but equally, I could say this was a good time, I feel the 70s was a better time because people were starting to be treated equally, I'm not progressive liberal but I feel while the 50s had great stuff, only white men could get it, as for the homosexuality stuff I think people need to not support that lifestyle. But anyway, I would prefer the 70's/early 80's personally. Though I never lived through them I have heard they were a pretty good time compared to now, while still giving blacks/woman more equal treatment. And no, I do not like the 90's, please don't think I do hipsters.

  • No if you're black.

    Yeah the 50s were great, good economy, good cars, music, etc. but you not everyone could enjoy the 50s, black people had a bad time. I think if you're white you'll would enjoy the 50s, but black people, they had to fight a lot for their rights, and also women didn't had it so easy, I mean, sexism was so strong, "women should stay and clean", but anyway, many were happy with it.

  • To much Sexism

    Yes, I will admit the 1950's was a very good time to live. But then again, There was sexism. People thought men should have more opportunities than women. For what reason though? I think it was because everyone thought women needed to stay home, because that is what women are supposed to do. They didn't realize that women have much more use than they think. They thought women should be doing the chores, or women should be raising kids. Yes, a mother should raise her kids, but they can also do a lot more. We just didn't realize it.

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