Were the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki good (yes) or bad (no)?

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  • Stopped a lot of junk.

    The Japanese were experimenting on the Chinese worse than the Nazis were on the Jews, and the Japanese were planning a massive invasion into several Western countries, including America. The first nuke didn't stop them from planning, but the second did, hence the reason for the second nuke. What America did possibly prevented the continuation of WW2, or prevented an entirely new war.

  • Justified on the Amount of Lives It Saved!

    In 1945, President Truman ordered General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral Chester Nimitz to provide him with an invasion plan to conquer Japan. When they presented the plan, both Gen. MacArthur and Adm. Nimitz agreed that the cost in American soldiers' lives would be astronomical, even speculating that it would go as high as 1 million.

    Were they attempting to spook President Truman or were they accurately estimating their enemy? Military historians look at two battles as the justifications for their recommendation: Iwo Jima and Okinawa. The US Marines took heavy casualties conquering both islands because the Japanese fought desperately for every inch of ground and preferred to die rather surrender, one man often taking whole squads of Marines with him.

    Considering the number of American soldiers and Japanese soldiers that would have died, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings were in the best interests of the American people and their military.

  • It ultimately saved millions of lives

    How is 1million American casualties from a land invasion PLUS the millions of dead Japanese soldiers and civilians that get caught in the crossfire of the land invasion better for the world??
    Plus it was part of the Japanese culture to die before surrendering. The emperor literally has to explain to the people what it was and why they had to do it rather than kill themselves
    Plus the bombs only killed around 200,000 people including those effected today by it. But an invasion, which was the only alternative would have been the bloodiest part of the war and EASILY would have resulted in at least 3 million deaths and the entire country would have been demolished as the us and Russia invaded Japan from the north and south. Maybe us soldiers might try to be kinder to civilians but the communist Russians would have destroyed everything in their path. Causing Japan to no longer be a country. America Saved Japan

  • It saved Lives.

    If we look at the alternative to dropping the bomb on Hiroshima we could see that the alternatives would have been severe. The DOD estimated that we would lose up to 1 million Americans fighting for Japan and the Japanese fighting spirit would have had them fighting practically til death. Meaning that Japan would've been a desolate waste land today if we did Operation Downfall. Not to mention the Japanese Coup that was going to occur against the Emporer after Hiroshima. If we hadn't also bombed Nagasaki then the Emperor wouldn't have been in power and we would have still had to invade.

  • WoMD used by terrorists

    Any weapons of mass destruction that was used against civilians for what is essentially terror warfare: scaring japan into unconditional surrender, while they had already surrendered are no good, we can all agree of that we can also agree on the fact that murdering women and children in tens of thousands is not good, no matter how many soldiers you kill

  • Lets look at this perspectivly

    I believe Americans think it was good, well truly I think they would feel different if they got bombed TWICE killing millions of innocent people. They flipped shit when Pearl harbour got bombed: about 2 500 people lost their lives now lets look at the death toll in Nagasaki and Hiroshima: 90 000 to 140 000 JUST IN HIROSHIMA add the about 40 000 to 80 000 in Nagasaki. Thats about at least 70 pearl harbour bombings! Yes it may have been to end the war but i thought the Americans contributed the most to the war as they say, so couldnt they figure something else out.
    (BTW we here in Canada are partly at fault we supplied Uranium)

  • No one can justify such a barbaric action!

    Killing thousands of innocent people is wrong.

    In Iran and Iraq war, Saddam used missiles and fighters to kill citizens and Iran military was just under hard pressure because of such action.
    Ayat Ollah-Khomeini who was the religious head of Iranians Muslims and at the same time the head of Iran's army, prohibited killing Iraqi citizens.
    The Iranian missiles were not advanced enough to exactly hit the target and in one of the attacks two missiles from six missiles entered a mall and killed many Iraqi citizens. Ayat Ollah-Khomeini punished Iranian commanders in one of the worst ways and prohibited using missiles, saying "If you dont know how to use missiles then you must NOT use them, no innocent should be killed"

    USA's soldiers raped thousands of Vietnami women in a way that they become pregnant. It was an order to change Vietnam generation!

    USA used atomic bombs to reduce japan's population!

    It was like British government which killed millions of Iranians in a famine.

    The purpose is just reducing the population of enemy countries. No more no less!

    When it comes to speaking about human rights Americans start with Iran and middle eastern countries saying, that they dont care about human rights. However, when its war human right is neglected by USA and nuking is allowed!

  • It was mass murder.

    The explosions killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people who had nothing to do with the war. The American military should have done a land invasion, so that only soldiers are killed. They could fight their way to Tokyo, then force the government to surrender. It would be more difficult, but it would still be the right decision.

  • Two was completely unreasonable

    Sure they ended the war but at the same time, they destroyed two important cities and killed hundreds of thousands of INNOCENT people. After Hiroshima citizens were petitioning to surrender, sure the government didn't but that's no reason to kill hundreds of thousands of more innocent people.

    Hiroshima is decently justifiable (not really) but Nagasaki is barbaric.

  • What if it was the U.S.?

    Just think about good vs. Bad, the side in which the U.S. thinks they're on in wars is good right? Well, so does every other country. Each year we memorialize those who died in 9/11, but that doesn't even compare to the numbers of deaths in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It ended WWII, however, just because that was a solution that worked, doesn't mean it was the only possible solution. We didn't kill soldiers fighting for their country, we killed innocent civilians with nuclear bombs, viewed a violent country relatively across the world. Wonder why? We are the only nation to use nuclear bombs, even though we're not the only nation that has them in our possession. You can give me a whole paragraph about how necessary it was, but the damage done, and what Japan has already been through is beyond devastating. Imagine, being someone in Japan who passed or knew those who did, what would you think of the U.S.? Even without Japanese propaganda, I would see the US as a country of violence and hate.

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