Were the Japanese-American internment camps morally right?

  • Safety! We needed it!

    If we had just nuked a power plant, or a Japanese military base, we wouldn't have to worry about any of this. Whether or not we had Pearl Harbor attacked, we could have nuked them in a different way and they would not have freaking attacked! Knowledge! Some people just have BRAIN DAMAGE!

  • It was a safety precaution

    The Japanese could move inland, yet most chose not too. The Americans had no knowledge of whether or not the Japanese citizens were actually spies or not. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

  • It was a safety precaution

    The Japanese could move inland, yet most chose not too. The Americans had no knowledge of whether or not the Japanese citizens were actually spies or not. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

  • Americans were scared

    They had a choice to go to a camp or to mover inland away from the west cost we were scared of getting attacked again. If we wanted to get attacked again we'd call up our buddies the Nazis not the Japanese. Again this is my own opinion not everyones.

  • Throw away the constitution

    If you think it was ok then apparently the constitution means nothing to you. Numerous constitutional rights were violated against American citizens. They were not Japanese, they were Americans. Here's a thought... Let's say a guy with brown hair who is a mass murderer is on the loose. We know nothing else about him. We must now detain all brown haired males until the threat is eliminated, right?

  • We didn't know

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  • It is not right

    Killing people is not right and even harming then is still not right. Would you like to be killed because you are of a certain race? If you said yes it is not a surprise because you don't want to die for a stupid reason. If you want to be killed just because go to an internment camp and see how you like it.

  • Just a bit of a history lesson here...

    Of course, today's generation has no concept of historical fact. There are two points of view here...From the point of view of innocent Japanese families...It's very sad. Similarly, children being burned and suffering from radiation is a horror tale that you never want to repeat. It seems that no one that has commented here knows that before the evacuation, all Japanese were asked to leave and tens of thousands did leave. The ones who did not leave (maybe a language issue or property issue) were the ones interred. The Americans cracked the Japanese enigma machine and were intercepting all messages to the elite military and other high-end personnel. There were hundreds of spies in the U.S. aviation and naval plants already. The fervor of the loyalty to the emperor brought a new type of enemy...Those who have absolutely no regard for life, particularly their own. To not die for the emperor and to surrender was a disgrace that one could not live to tell about. The Filipinos were murdering Japanese on the street on the West Coast because of what was happening in the Philippines. There were Japanese submarines off the coast and invading Alaska. There was no way that there could be Japanese living on the West Coast where all the top secret factories were located.

  • Soooo WRONG!!!! I hate IT!!!!!

    This was so wrong how people can just do that to people who have not done anything to us. They were innocent people why could our government do such a thing with out NOT getting justified for it. I hate the idea of this. I don't understand how >:( :(

  • It was wrong

    Some Japanese-americans probably never have been to japan, and to put them in camps just to be on the safe side was wrong . Saying that the japanese deserved it is like saying the jews deserved to be put in concentration camps and killed just because of their religion. Yeah, the government realized it was wrong later on and gave them each $20,000, but that could never make up of what they did to japanese-americans that were just normal americans that had nothing to do with anything that was going on.

  • We made a mistake.

    We were WRONG putting them in camps. We were unfair, unjust, uncivil, just plain out wrong. We pulled them out of a place they called home. We made a mistake, and we should regret it. The Japanese were innocent. In the moment, we may have just been scared, but imagine how scared they were, being shoved behind bars because of their appearance.

  • People are people too.

    How can you say this is justified?! We took innocent people from their homes and forced them into prison. No, not prison, Concentration camps. Just because some leaders were paranoid? Not good enough! If you're going to ruin not one person, not one family, but an entire race you need a better excuse! What if something happened and your country decided you're race was 'bad'? We are no better than those Germans.

  • Absolutely unconstitutional and wrong

    We denied basic rights to American citizens. No records of espionage were found, we let our own paranoia ruin the lives of many. Not only was it unconstitutional but it was also inappropriate. These people were uprooted from the lives with no reasoning at all, only because we were scared of the potential of another Pearl Harbor but had no evidence to back up the fear.

  • Completely unconstitutional and racist.

    The records find no account of treachery or espionage committed by Japanese Americans during World War II. The people who were sent to the camps were simply people trying to make a living like everyone else was at the time. They were sworn citizens and showed no reason other than racism to be denied such basic constitutional rights.

  • Internment Camps restricted so many rights to Japanese Americans...

    America may have thought that the Japanese in America were spies but even after loyalty tests, there was absolutely no proof that any of those Japanese Americans were spies or part of the Japanese War effort.
    They were restricted: Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, Right to an indictment or to be informed of the charges, Right to life, liberty and property, Right to be confronted with accusatory witnesses, Right to call favorable witnesses, Right to legal counsel, Right to a speedy and public trial, Right to reasonable bail, Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment, Right to vote, Right to be brought before a court, Freedom from bills of attainder and ex post facto laws, Rights against involuntary servitude, and Right to equal protection under the laws.
    Honestly though, if they were going to do this, they could've had so much more research done, even though thats wrong in itself, but if America was so nervous and antsy, then they should've done things the right way. They just shoved Japanese Americans into internment camps.... The Japanese Americans didn't even have time to pack up. They left their businesses, their homes, their lives... It was not ok...

  • It was hypocritical

    Ever notice how you don't hear about this as much in your average high school teachings? But we shame Germany to the end of time for their camps (not saying that Germany was in the right away at all). We did exactly what they did, and the conditions were poor and brutal. We discriminated an entire people and forced them to lose almost everything they have. We never put Germans into camps though, and it is questioning if we would have if it were any other group (such as Italians or Irish or whatever). Most of them were innocent and were citizens of the United States, just trying to live here like everyone else.

  • Pure Racism, Why weren't Germans put into isolation when Germany attacked Lusitania?

    Germany was the center of both World Wars as the Axis powers, but why weren't German Americans forced into internment camps? If it was really for national security, then the United States would have but basically put everyone in the camps unless you were a British American. These Japanese Americans also helped fought WW1, and so to repay the Japanese soldiers, they are putting them in camp for their loyalty?

  • It was unconstitutional.

    The Constitution regards discrimination as unacceptable and immoral. Discrimination is defined as, "an action that denies social participation or human rights to categories of people based on prejudice. This includes treatment of an individual or group based on their actual or perceived membership in a certain group or social category, "in a way that is worse than the way people are usually treated". The States took all Japanese as if they were a part of the war and contributing in some way to help the Japanese, even if they had already been sworn in as citizens. These camps denied the social rights of the Japanese by keeping them from all society in itself, profiling them, and keeping them contained like animals. These camps were prime examples of discrimination, which is stated as wrong in our Constitution. Therefore, the camps were UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

  • They were innocent!

    Most people weren't even spies or anything and yet they were all arrested and sent to horrible internment camps, even little children.What's horrible is that they were arrested just because of their race! Imagine if everybody your own race was discriminated and arrested just because of their race, which they can't even choose.

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