• The Advanced Ways of the Vikings

    The Vikings possessed technology that few of their time possessed. Their ability to sail the oceans using sun stones and by using the patterns of the stars gave them the ability to travel across the globe, reaching areas such as North America, the British Isles and even into Asia. At home, their farming techniques helped produce abundant crops. As a society, they also recognized and understood the importance of cleanliness and the effects it had on ones health. They were rich storytellers that used their stories as moralities tales and often incorporated those stories into the workings of their every day lives. Their fearlessness on the battle fields, using wooden shields that were reinforced with metal, the craftsmanship of their swords, knives, battle axes and other implements of war helped them leave a legacy that is still greatly remembered today.

  • The Vikings weren't as backwards as we might think

    When one thinks of the Vikings, one thinks of a piratical culture wearing helmets with horns. However, there's more to them than those stereotypes: they were an advanced culture that prided themselves in their navigation abilities and their interest in discovering new lands. Let's have stereotypes about the past remain in the past, and appreciate the Vikings for what they were.

  • Yes, the Vikings were an advanced culture.

    The Vikings were an advanced culture in many ways. They mastered ship building and ruled much of the ocean for several centuries before the great Empires like Spain, Portugal and England ruled the seas. The Vikings even colonized parts of North America about 500 years before European exploration reached the Americas. In short, yes, the Vikings could have been considered an advanced culture.

  • No, the Vikings were not an advanced culture

    No, the Vikings were not an advanced culture. It is generally accepted that the Vikings were not an advanced culture. Most people agree that the Vikings were a culture that was before modern society and their ways were not advanced. The Vikings were a pre-modern culture that was relegated to history.

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