Were the World War II atomic bombings of Japan unjustified?

  • Yes, the atomic bombings of Japan were unjustified.

    Yes, it was unjustified to drop atomic bombs on Japan near the end of World War II. The war was winding down anyway. The Japanese were all but defeated when the bombs were dropped. It might have taken a few more months to ensure victory, but far less lives would have been lost during that time than were lost in the atomic bomb blasts. Most of the casualties in the bombed cities were not soldiers but innocent civilians.

  • It was unjustified

    It was literally LIT. Many died. People died. Japan would have surrendered. Bombs were not the only option. Why did the bomb drop on Japan? America should not have done that. The bombs led to another war. It led to the Cold War. Japan lost many people and for what?

  • Power to destroy

    Yes. America wanted to show the world power through destruction, taken away many innocent lifes unnecessary by that time the war came to an end!
    America never learn from the past and continue to carry out such brutal activity in countries who cannot defend against such power. The bombing of japan will be embedded in memory as one of the most evil tragic events in history

  • The Bombings Were War Crimes

    No matter how you spin it, the US dropped hydrogen bombs on cities with vast civilian populations. Very similar to the Fire Bombing of Dresden, both bombings were in no way justified, as they targeted a population, as opposed to an enemy military. The only reason Hiroshima and Nagasaki aren't considered war crimes is the fact that those specific agreements, at the Second Geneva Convention, weren't passed until 1949.

  • No, the World War II atomic bombings of Japan justified.

    The United States dropped two hydrogen bombs on two Japanese cities, military action that credited with bringing the Second World War to an end. Most historians and military experts maintain that these bombings, while horrific in their consequences, nonetheless ultimately saved lives. The belief is that more people would have perished if the war was permitted to linger onward.

  • The bombings were justified during a time of world war.

    This begs the question, Was the attack on Pearl Harbor unjustified? The resounding answer was yes among all Americans, because the U.S. was not part of the World War at the time. So, towards the end of the war, after Germany's surrender, the U.S. used enough force through atomic bombings to bring the war to a complete close.

  • The World War II atomic bombings of Japan were necessary.

    Japan made a very bold move in attacking Pearl Harbor. It knew that doing so would force the United States into the war. The United States needed to punctuate the war at its end by sending a very clear message to Japan that its invasion of Pearl Harbor was unacceptable and would not be without vindication. Furthermore, Japan had to be discouraged from contemplating such an action again. The atomic bombings effectively conveyed those messages.

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