Were you aware of the marijuana bust that gave Lagunitas brewery its cult following?

  • Yes, I was.

    I have known about the marijuana bust for quite some time. I started drinking the beer because of how cheap it is (relatively) compared to other craft beers and the fact that I rather liked the taste of some of thier beers, but I heard about the bust while doing research.

  • Yes, on some way.

    It became a turning point for Lagunitas. The onetime scrappy industry pioneer has since matured to become one of the five biggest craft breweries in America. Meanwhile, the craft beer industry as a whole has ballooned from a vaguely counterculture niche to a mainstream force that's forcing big beer to acquire, imitate and launch attack ads. Lagunitas helped craft beer grow into the $14 billion industry it is today, and simultaneously discovered it had its own growing up to do.

  • No, I was not aware of the Lagunitas brewery cult following

    The founder of Lagunitas brewery is Tony Magee and he and his staff admit to being avid marijuana users. In the early days of the company, they would hold big parties and were proud of their pot smoking. The cult following gathered from that era and then a drug bust in 2005 occurred during a brewery party which ultimately led to a new focus on the company's future.

  • It's a small sect

    The number of people that actually smoke marijuana is small. Marijuana and the medial marijuana community is not as large as the people who use marijuana want to make the public think. They want us to believe that everyone smokes marijuana. That just isn't true. They want to give Lagunitas Brewery a cult following that it doesn't have.

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