• I'm all for it!

    Racial equality is the right way to go. We are all human and no race is 'less' human than another. To be honest, there is only one race: that is the HUMAN RACE. The only difference between humans is the colour of our skin which is caused by different levels of melanin (with blacks having the highest and i think Caucasians have the lowest). We are all equal and equally human because even if a black and asian person marry, they can still have healthy, fertile offspring. If they could only have a hybrid that was unable to reproduce, then obviously that would mean that all humans are not equal, but since it is contrary, we are ALL equal in our humanity, value and worth!

  • Niggers are stupid

    White is a dominant race. White is a dominant race that are the most beautiful in the world. First,black people, thought I prefer calling them niggers, are not intelligent, two, asian are just good for copying and making hentais and tentacle porn. Third, mexican steals jobs and smells ass. Caucasien are perfect.

  • It's scientifically unsupported.

    Race is akin to breeds of cats or dogs. The differences are numerous and significant. The human species has changed incrementally over thousands of years since the exodus out of Africa. Among these changes are: lighter skin, less testosterone, and notably, larger brains. The ramifications of these changes are that different races have different chemically-driven tendencies and different levels of abilities of all kinds, including mental/intellectual.

    Although all people and animals of all breeds and species deserve respect and the opportunity to pursue happiness, they should not be considered to be equal against all evidence to the contrary.

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