What are the pros (yes) and cons (no) of euthanasia?

  • Euthanasia should be legal

    The terminally-ill are the people who have to suffer and they shouldn't be told that they cant die because it's a "sin" or doctors shouldn't cause deaths as their point is to preserve life. First off, other people and the law shouldn't have to follow what YOU believe in. It may be a sin in some religions but that in itself is only a personal belief in how life should be lived and in no way should it have to be followed by others. Whilst physicians do preserve life and don't kill, euthanasia should be also considered as a way to relieve pain and suffering. If the patient has given up in any means of medication and has a death sentence anyway from their condition, ending their life earlier is helpful and it eliminates the guaranteed future suffering. However, euthanasia shouldn't be lightly and casually decided. The patient should have a therapist confirm that their mental state is healthy enough and their is no underlying psychological motive or anything of the sort. Precautions and protocol that ensure that the right decision is being made must be followed. I strongly believe that we are at no level to take away someone's right to die, all we can do is educate them, show and evaluate all the other options and follow protocol but the fact that it's illegal is not just.

  • Euthanasia humanises suicide.

    Let's not lie to each other... People suicide every day and they do so in most horrific ways we can imagine. From jumping in front of metro trains, cars or buses (traumatizing the innocent people behind the wheels, perhaps even pushing them to suicide too?) to overdosing on pills and using guns. Furthermore, the lack of euthanasia facilities might push those radicalised citizens to perform unspeakable crimes (since they don't value their own life any more so they might take some one else with them in a form of irrational hate and emotional isolation) for example the German pilot that crashed the plane in to the mountains with the people on-board.

    Against the common misconception, legalising euthanasia will not increase the number of suicides. I actually believe it will do the opposite, suicide rates will decrease. If people will put their trust in to the facilities that offer assisted suicide, it would much easier to get to this people and offer them help. The primary objective of facilities that offer assisted suicide should be to stop people from making such decisions by assisting them with resolving their problems and helping them get back on track in their lives. Euthanasia should only be the ultimate form of treatment when a patient is either terminally ill or no longer has any will to carry on their lives despite the medical and depression treatment carried out in said fictional facility.

    At the end of the day. If someone wants to suicide, it's absolutely meaningless if euthanasia is legal or not. If somebody really wants to die he will commit suicide one way or another. Why not humanise the hole process and at least attempt to help those people before granting them the right to take their lives?

  • I support euthanasia if the reason is convincing

    Its their right to die..Because no one knows the situation or pain they were facing..One cannot judge the person as we cannot see whats going on inside him..But before attempting he shud think about all the issues,if there is no alternative..Then you are free to die
    but when u have chances u shouldn't be allowed...Care must be taken that people dont adopt for this unnecessarily

  • People have a legal right to die if they choose so.

    People all have a legal right to die if they choose so. It's not up to anyone else but yourself. Also, people might be in unbearable pain, so they want to end there life. They need to be able to have the option of ending their lives in a painless manor if they want.

  • People have a legal right to die if they choose so.

    People all have a legal right to die if they choose so. It's not up to anyone else but yourself. Also, people might be in unbearable pain, so they want to end there life. They need to be able to have the option of ending their lives in a painless manor if they want.

  • Euthanasia Has Some Pros

    Yes, there are pros to euthanasia as a concept. When one is sick and suffering with no hope of recovery, allowing that person to choose to be euthanized preserves that person's rights to both dignity and decision. There is no dignity in unnecessary suffering and a person should always be able to choose what happens to them.

  • There are many pros of euthanasia.

    There are many pros of euthanasia. When you put some thing or some one down, they are probably in a lot of pain, or their quality of life has gone down past a certain point that there is no point living any longer. It affords people the choice of whether to live a long, painful life or a short, fufilling life.

  • Euthanasia is a humane way of ending life

    Whether we're talking about euthanasia of a human or an animal, if there are certain conditions which would make euthanasia an option, then it is a good way to end suffering of the person or animal. If a human had a fatal disease and was suffering because of it, euthanasia would be a good way to end that suffering (if of course the person was willing.) Allowing the human or animal to suffer needlessly is much more inhumane than killing it outright.

  • Have you ever thought what could have happened?

    1. Euthanasia devalues human life
    2. Euthanasia can become a means of health care cost containment
    3. Physicians and other medical care people should not be involved in directly causing death
    4. There is a "slippery slope" effect that has occurred where euthanasia has been first been legalized for only
    5. The terminally ill and later laws are changed to allow it for other people or to be done non-voluntarily.
    6. Many religions think that euthanasia is immoral. Some religions regard it as a type of murder.
    7. The official Roman Catholic Church is against euthanasia and says it is a crime. Protestants, on the other side, take a more liberal view.
    8. Hindus think that, even though helping a person end a painful life may be good, it interferes with the cycle of death and rebirth.
    9. In Islam all forms of euthanasia are forbidden.
    10. In Japan more than half of all Shintoists think that you should be allowed to help a person die if they ask for it.
    11. People who are pro for euthanasia say that it is the patient's choice to end their suffering. Yes, this is true, but isn't suicide also a person's choice to end their suffering? We have a quote saying "suicide is not the answer," so why should euthanasia be an answer?
    12. Euthanasia has many downfalls to it, especially in the wrong hands. 13. Doctors will use it to end life prematurely, but a doctor's role in society is to save people, not kill them.
    14. Killing somebody is murder! So why must doctors become murderers unwillingly! To others, it is just a simpler way for suicide.
    15. Also, families of unhealthy people could be tempted to request euthanasia because of financial reasons.

  • NO it's wrong

    This is considered suicide to me. It is a horrible kill someone even if it is yourself, it is completely wrong! Personally I would rather die slowly and painfully than kill myself. Every one dies at some time or another and you should die when you are supposed to die!

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