• Racism is a positive thing, and the word should be claimed as a positive.

    The core of racism is race realism, or the full acceptance of the realities of human biodiversity, as well as the acceptance of the complete, unedited history of humanity, the first explains why racial equality, or even diversity, is impossible, while the second completely frees them from any sort of racial guilt the world had instilled into them, as it turns out the white race, along with the yellow race, were actually the most historically moral of the races, as well as the most advanced, technologically and scientifically, and only made to seem evil due to everything that makes the other races look bad, that is, most of their history, being edited out, it's helped along by their lack of philosophical or technological advancements leaving little to note but a history of atrocities.
    Racists are factually correct when it comes to science and history.
    Racism is a position concerned with facts and says nothing about what you think should be done, actions are certainly informed by beliefs, but beliefs cannot determine one's actions, this is known as the is-ought fallacy.
    For this reason, Racist political positions can be literally anything, Even white supremacists like myself can have any combination of political positions, I'd personally begin with a night-watchman state form of minarchism, with the exception of a whites-only immigration policy, being sure to make it clear that ethnic Jews and "white" Hispanics are not white, then let the freedom that comes with minarchism to cause a naturally merging form of voluntary segregation to occur, this way, demographic changes are reversed, and anyone who wants to live in a racially diverse area can as long as that area allows them to, this policy can end our racial problems in a very peaceful way, and prevent racial violence from breaking out like it is in myanmmar or south africa right now, I'd also like to severely restrict women's rights, and to ban all adherents of Abrahamic religions from immigrating in, or from voting, or from holding political office, even if they are ethnically white.

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