• We need it

    I just want to clear it out, feminism is not necessarily about women having more power than men. It is about women being treated equally as men. Recently, I was reading this debate about whether women should have rights are not. Surprisingly 40% of the people said no. 40%! Today people still believe that women should stay at home and be submissive. It is ridiculous. Still people believe that rape is women's fault because she was dressed "provocatively". We need strong headed ladies, who know their rights, and can stand up for themselves and the other females.

  • Let's make one thing clear: feminism =/= misandry (aka. Feminazism)

    While there are misandrists out there who claim to be feminists, media gives them too much attention. The truth is, feminism is, by definition, seeking for gender equality. Misandrists who think women are superior might call themselves whatever they want, but they are not feminists, do not (and should not) represent feminism, and are not what feminism is about.

  • Good on the whole

    Yes, you do get the occasional "Kill all men" feminazi, TERF, SWERF or so on, but for the most part, society does need the modern feminist movement. Modern feminism is intersectional, so it's become about more than just sexism; there's also racism, LGBTQ+phobia, ableism, and a bunch of other genuinely important issues which feminism addresses. Yes, sometimes individuals go too far and get things wrong, but on the whole we need feminism.

  • It is good

    I really like the topic and what the people wrote it is confinsing and feminism should not be stopped and people really need to start raising awareness before it is too late and women across all countries and all of the world shot not lose hope and stay believing in hope

  • Feminism does not mean men are evil

    In the most part, women are equal to men. I think that women should fight for other women in other countries who have had their rights stolen. Its the little things, and feminism is not about women being more powerful than men its about equal rights for every gender. Including men.

  • We do not need Feminism we need Socialism/Communism

    Feminism has turned into nothing more than a campaign for woman supremacy claiming that being a woman automatically makes you better than men. Current Feminism [Third Wave] has abandoned the original cause for total equality upon all sexes. If you want to fight for women's rights so that they are treated the same as men then Socialism/Communism is what you should believe in as they fight for women's rights but is also Pro on things like Welfare, Free Education, Anti-Racism/Sexism etc.

  • Feminism is not needed and is trash.

    Most feminists out there are hypocritical, violent women social justice warrior liberals who don't understand nor have enough common sense to realize that they already have equal rights. Firstly, the theory of a woman not getting as paid as a male has been debunked so many times it's used as a joke. Next, if feminism wants to de-sexualize women, they are actively sabotaging the development of the human species. It's a compliment to sexualize them, rather they like it or not. They hate everyone who doesn't agree with them and bash males constantly. If a girl hit me, no one would care. If I hit a girl however, everyone would go insane. Not fair, right? It seems as though women have more rights at that, to be honest. And lastly, not all men are rapists. This... I don't even need to explain. Raping is the act of forced sex upon women. And about 99% of the time, women who state that something is "rape" is incorrect. That is why feminism is not needed.

  • It's Male Hatred Now

    The first and second waves of feminism fought exactly for what was right: Voting, property ownership, education, child custody, jobs and equal pay. They both succeeded and that's great. Third wave feminism is hatred towards males and people who do not conform to their criteria of oppression. It's blaming everything from big problems, to petty annoyances on men. Everytime a disturbed psycho does something really bad, feminists will constantly say that this is the result of straight white masculine toxicity or some other bullshit like that.

    Feminism today is male hatred with words like: kill all men, all men are rapists, masculinity is toxic, rape culture, mansplaining, manspreading, etc. Not to forget that feminism today is like the Roman Catholic Church of the Dark Ages. What I mean by that is that feminists tend to say "you're either a feminist or a sexist". That is analogous to saying "convert to my religion or be labeled a heretic and die burned at the stake or at the gallows".

    Feminism today is more about entitlement and superiority, not equality. They claim that they want women to be independent, but they treat women like infants and men as devils. They want males to apologize for being male and they want males to help them achieve superiority.

  • Feminism is bad and needs to go

    Feminists preach equality but cry when they realize what equality is all about, they run around hating and protesting the male gender yet technically that would be bad for feminism considering it goes against everything feminism has originally preached. A lot of feminism rhetoric today crosses the line from attacks on sexism into attacks on men therefore it's the feminists that are the most sexist people on earth.

  • There is only one thing certain about feminism: Double standards out the ASS.

    The most ridiculous double standard caused by feminism (more specifically, feminaziism) is the infamous "white-knight" double standard in which society unfriends men who hit a woman back even in self-defense. Men ought to be able to defend themselves against anyone who physically threatens them with violence, no matter what gender the aggressor is, because no matter which gender is the perpetrator or the victim, violence is violence, crime is crime, and these two things know no gender.

  • Definitely one of the most horrible movements this country has ever seen, and this isn't referring to 1920s suffrage feminism.

    Feminism as a whole has been ruined. It no longer stands for what it once stood for. The focus of feminism has shifted completely from advocating for women's rights to complaining about things that just purely don't exist in any sense. Microaggressions, rape culture, the wage gap (which does not exists whatsoever) and general political correctness and complaining about cultural appropriation, male privilege, etc. is ridiculous and beyond regressive. All this movement is trying to do is create a state of authority and extreme prejudice towards men, which would become an actual thing unlike what these feminists seem to think is happening to them. This would be the reality. We're already heading in that general direction with women getting a "gap tax" in some workplaces when the wage gap DOES NOT EXIST, and it's commonly explained as the earnings gap because that's what it is. Women make career choices that make them less money. It's not discrimination, it's career choices of women. It is illegal by our constitution to discriminate against someone due to race or gender, so the wage gap argument is completely invalid and has been debunked countless times. Feminism is not needed. It is a supremacy movement, not an equality movement, as they've already shown with the ignoring of men's issues, such as the higher rate of male death in dangerous workplaces, and the high rate of male suicide. If you want the equality of people, look to egalitarianism, a true equality movement. Don't be a sheep, and don't be guilt tripped into going into this movement that does not advocate for equality.

  • Feminism is extremely divisive within society.

    Third wave feminism has grown to become one of the most divisive movements in society. It has encouraged and justified the growth of hatred towards men and general sexist attitudes towards men. This is primarily because feminism has now become a female supremacy movement. How do we know this? Because of arguments such as "you cannot be sexist against men". Due to ignoring and justifying male issues like child custody issues and the extremely high suicide rates. In addition, declaring that we live in a "patriarchy" has simply created false narratives which are disadvantaging men. Women are also being hurt like this. Imagine you are being told that you are naturally weak and oppressed, which is what feminism virtually does.

    Legislation based on feminist activism has also done harm. The gender wage gap, one of the biggest feminist issues is a statistical anomaly. We must stop feminism whilst we can.

  • Feminism Is Toxic

    Women tend to have even more rights than men. Look at divorce courts where women get custody over 92% of the time even if the dad is better off and wants the kids. Women can easily falsify rape claims (EX. Duke Lacrosse Scandal) and get men's lives ruined even when there isn't evidence. Even with the "empowerment" women are getting, they still demand child support from the man; and some even request alimony. On top of that, women's happiness has reached one of its lowest points in all of documented history. Why? Feminism and body acceptance movements. Feminism teaches women that women need a man like a fish needs a bicycle. In reality, both sexes need each other equally. So, if you are going to say it is still needed for the so called "empowerment" of women, I'd like you to check your facts on that.

    Interesting Notes:
    Maternal deprivation (caused by mom's working and leaving kids with a babysitter or day care) leads to decreased hippocampal growth; which will later cause a highly increased risk for many mental health problems in the child.

    Marriages that have a virgin bride tend to last longer than women who've had sex prior to marriage.

    If you'd like any matters that feminism brings up debunked, simply message me. :3

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