What Britons Especially the young generations thinks about Brexit?

Asked by: PawelK
  • I supporting Britons even but i don't think that EU is as bad as some eurosceptic portrait it

    I'm Polosh, but i think Euro bureaucrats earn to much and are nasty SOBs it's good think someone smack their arrogant globalist nose, even trough the idea of united Europe is beautiful should not be modeled on United States and certainly not on United Soviet Socialist Republic the USSR!

    EU had good thing but i had bat thing too
    The leave option won 52 vs 48 %, as Jefferson or Beniamin Franklin said that Democracy is only Political system where 51 % of society could impose theirs belief on ramming 49%, does this is not beautiful? ;-)

    Young Britons could rejon UK to EU later on but not on such good terms they have now :-)

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