• Because God made boys first

    Girls started Racism and Sexism. They shouldn't of done that but they did. Also men are Smarter. Has there ever been a sport with girls involved? Yes and girls playing sport just isn't entertaining. Also girls don't do much they only get all angry and emotional over one thing while men don't

  • You Misogynistic Asses

    I am only picking... Which side is this? Both seem to be anti female... To even out this despicable poll, because that's where it's SUPPOSED to be.

    Females and males are different. They are the only acceptable modern day example of "separate but equal", the only example of that I can think of that isn't discriminatory. They are different, but in accordance with how they grow and develop, are very equal.

    While a female may never be as strong as a male, she is just as strong for her body type and structure. She is just as strong, relative to body size.

    While a male may never give birth, it doesn't make him incapable of dealing with pain, and it doesn't make him a worst parent that the female (although, as a child where the father certainly didn't live to up to my mom, I won't say that's not impossible).

    Feminism is not inequality. It is defined as social, political, and economic equality between females and males. So unless you are a dimwit, really,

    As the Bible was written by man, not G-d, so before the creation of mankind, I'm not entirely sure how you KNOW that males were created first, therefore I basically moot that point. Furthermore, unfortunately, G-d is not universal, therefore I wouldn't call it an argument.

    All in all, we are equal (the genders, not the people).

  • Girls are better

    Girls are more intelligent, work harder, perform better, and understand better. Also, a woman’s average IQ is higher than a males, Brain Games did a contest on different skills , at first it was a tie , but in the rematch the girls won. I hope I have made my point

  • Read read read

    I kinda agree with Vanax but especially with females not getting over things and over reacting about tiny things that are not important but men can usually surpass things easier and get along easier with other people. That's just my opinion but. All females will disagree. They need to have their way.

  • Not a Yes or No question.

    Using god as an argument is waste of time, as only confirmed sources should be cited. Other than that, each gender has benefits and setbacks, further amplified by the bias of each person. Because of this, and the ridiculous topic in the first place, I chose No as in, NO, this topic is pointless.

  • Why does one have to be better?

    One isn't "better" than the other. We're equals. Why do we constantly have to insist one is better than the other. It's silly. What happened to gender equality? My statement is pretty simple. So...Yeah. Now I just need to fill up some space.

    Here are some hashtags.

    #Genderequality #Weareallequals.


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iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-06-18T02:42:40.190
So, you are a boy if you vote boys and you are a girl if you vote girls. So basically an over elaborate DDO gender poll to create some friction. Well done....
Gustav_Adolf_II says2014-06-18T07:59:02.250
Let the gender wars begin...