What if you could read every book, watch every movie, Listen to every album, and play every video game? Would you ?

Asked by: MegadethRocks44
  • I'm not sure but I will say yes

    I would only do it if time paused and I wouldn't age. I think that I would get very bored of this. It would be very cool to see and experience very piece of media ever made by man. Think of all the knowledge you would gain. Maybe my head would explode!

  • Why would you?

    I would only read the books, watch the movies/TV Shows, Listen to the music that actually interests me.

    What is the point of reading books that bore you, movies/TV Shows that put you to sleep and music you can't stand?

    Even if you did do it you would never remember it all nor would you be able to understand it all.

    And what if you had to follow the topic to the letter, literally read every single book and all its copies? Watch every movie/TV show along with every pirated version, Listen to all the copies of every illegally downloaded song in existence.

    But of course the topic creator meant 1 copy of everything.

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