What would humanity resemble if abrahamic religions never came into existence?

Asked by: ilovejews7
  • What would happen to our society?

    Our world, as a whole is becoming more secular, more atheist, and less moral. I think this is because of people's loss of religion and heritage. People have forgotten who they are, why they are here. People have no morals, no standards in society. Times are changing, and for the worse. What used to be an objective moral is now becoming more and more subjective. In my country, the US, a man can marry a man now, and you can now change your God - given gender! Shouldn't you be thankful for what God gave you? Religion is what established morals in society, and made things happen that would have otherwise never have happened.

    Islam abolished slavery. Never in an Islamic country will you find a slave. If their are any, all I can say is that whatever they are doing is against Islam. In an Islamic country, you will never see adoption. Adoption is taking a orphan, and naming them after you, and associating them with you in every way, in a way that people will think that that boy/girl is your son/daughter. Sponsoring an orphan however, is becoming a guardian for the orphan, and sponsoring them with your money.

    Religion can also unite people. For a very long amount of time, the Muslims were united, and as one nation (and a few tiny tiny others) the Muslims were ruled by the Ottoman Empire. However, now, Muslims are losing their unity as a whole, and are breaking up into pieces due to nationalism and many other things. What a shame.

    Religion can unite people, and those who war are not religious. No religion allows any non-combatant to be killed, (such as women, elderly, and children ) or crops to be destroyed, or straining people of resources. They are corrupt, bribed, bureaucrats. They only think that they are doing the right thing, but in the eyes of God, they are among the wrong.

  • Mostly the same...

    Humans are jerks. We will continue to be jerks no matter what and all that will change is how they will justify being jerks. So we probably wouldn't have the abrahamic flavor to our world but instead some other powerful/uniting religion with which to justify our need to be jerks. I mean, even the Abrahamic faiths have changed over time dramatically so can you really call them the same as they were in ancient times? Hell, even from country to country, region to region, person to person, what each of these religions means. Hell, people will warp the message to fit their needs. I mean, do you know how many prisoners in America get religious in the klink?

  • What is the benefit of christianity, islam and judaism?

    I think humanity would be a more empathetic and peaceful place if religion never came into existence. The majority of wars, genocides and poverty in the 1900s, have all been associated with religion- the bosnian genocide; the war in iraq; the catholics role in the rwandan genocide; middle eastern autocrats, etc.

    Here is the basis of my question:

  • The religions of Abraham have contributed very little to the good things in the world around us.

    Outside of casting down any woman, person of color, homosexual, non-believer and killing in the name of religion, I would say it wouldn't really matter. However these religions have spawned such disdain for people who are unlike them and have perpetuated monstrous ideologies in uneducated and immoral people and influence them to commit atrocities in their name.

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