When Frank Sinatra died, Las Vegas casinos stopped spinning for 1 minute. Is Sinatra responsible for the rise of Las Vegas?

  • Frank Sinatra a big contributor in Vegas

    Frank Sinatra was a big contributor in the rise of Las Vegas, and is largely responsible for the city's success. The city was a ghost town before it was built up with casinos, and he was one of the early performers. He made the town respectable and brought large crowds of people that wanted to be entertained rather than just gamble.

  • That life, that's what all the people say.

    Sinatra is responsible for the rise of Las Vegas. Sinatra was, and continues to be, an icon in the entertainment industry. Las Vegas is the center of the entertainment universe. Sinatra brought his star power, as well as his glitz and glamour to the big city of lights, and then never looked back. People followed him and Vegas will never be the same.

  • He was part of it.

    Sinatra did not singlehandedly make Vegas famous, but he certainly did a lot to help the city. He made Las Vegas a household name, and he helped set it up as a premiere vacation and entertainment destination. I don't think that the city would have risen to prominence so quickly without him.

  • He was a big part of it.

    Frank Sinatra was a big icon and he contributed a lot to the legend of Vegas, along with famous Rat Pack accolades Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. Now there are a lot of reasons for the rise of Las Vegas but they didn't call Sinatra The Chairman of the Board for nothing.

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