• Yes we are

    We are definitely blinded by fancy names. If you go to a store and look at a product that is called "Chocolat au lait" and a product called " Milk Chocolate," which one would you want to buy? It's like selling a soap and putting the name of the product in french and then put it in English in small print. We buy products by how fancy we may feel they are without realizing it.

  • Food labels are blinding

    If there was a bill on Obama's desk to sign requiring that food labels be appropriately named, I would hope he would sign it. Granted all those purchasing food should stop and check and label now and then, food companies have a responsibility to NOT be blatantly misleading. Example 1) Cranberry Juice. The enticing label says "Cranberry Juice" is bold, cranberry-colored lettering, but if you look at the ingredients, rarely a trace of cranberry anything can be found. If there is any cranberry juice, it's usually listed after Yellow #5, whatever that is.
    Example#2 Fruit Snacks. These colorfully concocted fruit shapes contain plenty of corn syrup, but no fruit. As a parent, I'm fully aware of the fact that if I want to send my child to school with fruit, I should just cut up the real deal. Having said that, these companies shouldn't be allowed to use the word "Fruit" in their product. "Fructose Snacks" would be more appropriate I think.

  • Yes, it's easy to be fooled by fancy names.

    Studies show that we are more likely to think a food tastes good if they think it is organic, artisan or carrying some other fancy label. We are more likely to buy something with a posh-sounding name than with a plain one. There is nothing wrong with taking pleasure in food, but we should know the reasons why.

  • Yes we are blinded.

    I understand they there is culture involved in food and fine dining. I also understand the need for sophisticated palate to even begin to taste many creations chefs are bringing to our tables. However i do not understand they people who pretend to understand anything about what they are tasting.

  • Yes, we are sometimes blinded by fancy food names.

    Many people pay a lot of money for foods that have fancy sounding names. Maybe a dish sounds foreign, or maybe it sounds expensive; either way, there will be some that will pay a premium for the dish. Fancy food names do not necessarily mean that theses expensive foods are worth the price. In short, when it comes to food, many are blinded by fancy names.

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