When will we stop worrying about collateral damage and fight to win?

Asked by: Throwback
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  • Sure, let's glass the place.

    Look, I get people are mad these people are ruining everything for everyone and if we'd just crush them they'd go away.

    The problem is, there are many people in these places who do not agree with ISIS, Taliban, etc. Do they deserve to die?

    One of the biggest atricities in WWII was the two cities we bombed (the US) We killed thousands of innocents to stop a war. Whatever way you slice it, those people did not deserve their fates.

    The bast part abount this question is the insinuation that recklessly destroying anything resembling our enemies would actually help.
    Maybe we would destroy every single one of them. It's more likely we wouldn't.

    It's not like another group won't just pop up. What do we gain from wonton destruction?


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