Wherther or not students should be given a longer lunch break

Asked by: sameehaniaz
  • I hate school

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  • School is not a concentration camp

    School is a place which is about learning, but even more so about understanding social interaction and growing up to be healthy individuals. Considering that children would have no lunch break, they would not only be unable to focus in school, but they would be put under unnecessary stress, be deprived of being children (as they would be naturally deprived of having play time) and an isolated society would develop.

  • You can refresh yourself

    More relaxing time, Read your favourite books,
    Calm down and take more rest,
    Finish your food properly, You will have enough time to call someone if you need,
    You can discuss with your friend of teacher about some topic may be important in that break,
    you can have a play times.

  • I don't like food.

    I am anorexic and I don't like food or people so everyone die that wants more time for food. We do not need more time. We need freedom from people like you that should be burned alive because everyone hates you. You are a nasty piece of work mate yeah!

  • It is a fine tuned system.

    One would say the length of lunch breaks provided is very precise, this is because it's been fine tuned to appeal to our need for rest, whilst still allowing the rest of the day to be devoted to education, which is of greater long term benefit than an extra ten minutes to loaf around without any goals past socialising.

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