Which are better: gas cars (yes) or electric cars (no)?

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  • Definitely gas cars

    Learning to drive a gas car (or manual car as it's called here in the UK) is like a 2 for 1 deal; if you learn to drive in an electric car, you can only drive electric cars, but learning in a gas car means you can drive both. The only real downside to them is the adverse environmental effects. However my argument would be that gas cars are essential to a lot of people's everyday lives; it's not always possible to take public transport or walk- and people need to get to work. So as long as a person doesn't own a ridiculous number of cars, causing more pollution than necessary- there's not a problem. Also I've never driven one so I don't know for sure, but I've heard a lot of people say that electric cars are unreliable.

  • Gas is simply better

    First off. Tree Huggers who helped make this trend do not think more then a car length's ahead of themselves. Producing anything causes waste and polution right? So electric cars take the some amount of waste to make then you throw in a lot of batteries. Which takes a lot more polution to make. Then there is the disposal of the batteries. Each car has 1, ocassionally, 2 car batteries. Most electric have several times this.

    Another thing. The notion we are running out of oil. Silly. Every generation claims we have X amount left. And each generation we have more then the previous generation said we had left. Thing is, as the price rises. The oil is worth more. The more it is worth. The more likely companies go after the harder to get oil or as the previous generation would say. The oil that wasn't worth going for because costs vs the profit wasn't good enough. But with the rising price, this trumps that. So many wells that have an amount left that wasn't worth going for is now becoming more and more worth getting. And technology is evolving to make it easier and cheaper to get said oil and heck, even the easier to get oil is easier to get because of the evolution of our technologies.

  • Gas is better because you don't get range anxiety

    Gas is better because you have a much longer range than electric cars. And with gas you don have to charge for a long period of time you can just fill up and go. With electric you have to charge for 5+ hours and then you only have a 250 mile range.

  • Electric cars are good for the environment

    Hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles can help increase energy security, improve fuel economy, lower fuel costs, and reduce emissions. Cars produce a lot of carbon emissions that are ejected into our natural atmosphere, leaving us vulnerable to things like pollution and greenhouse gases. In order to help positively the environment we live in, an electric car is a great step forward. By buying an electric car, you can also receive government subsidies for being environmen: Electric cars are entirely charged by the electricity you provide, meaning you don’t need to buy any gas ever again.Tally conscious. Driving fuel based cars can burn a hole in your pocket as prices of fuel have gone all time high. Electric cars are 100 percent eco-friendly as they run on
    electrically powered engines. It does not emit toxic gases or smoke in the environment as it runs on clean energy source. They are even better than hybrid cars as hybrids running on gas produce emissions.Electric cars undergo same fitness and testing procedures test as other fuel powered cars. In case an accident occurs, one can expect airbags to open up and electricity supply to cut from battery. This can prevent you and other passengers in the car from serious injuries.

  • Range anxiety, What???? I don't get range anxiety and no one else does ELECTRIC IS BETTER!!!!

    Electric Cars Instead Of Gas Cars!

    If you want to protect the environment by not driving, but you don’t want to give up on driving, then replace and/or sell your gas-powered car! Driving is something we do every day and some people have hybrids which are gas and electric, some people have gas only powered cars, and the rest of us have electric only cars or no cars at all (which is not polluting the Earth at all and no chance of polluting.) These electric cars and hybrids do cost more than gas only cars but it’s worth spending a few thousand more $ or £! Even though they supposedly have a shorter driving range than gas only's and hybrids, they are much more fuel efficient.

  • Electric Free Charging

    Electric Cars Instead Of Gas Cars!

    If you want to protect the environment by not driving, but you don’t want to give up on driving, then replace and/or sell your gas-powered car!
    Driving is something we do every day and some of us have hybrids which are gas and electric, some of us have gas only powered cars,

  • Electric Cars Save the Environment

    While I understand that many electric cars are considered to slow and to take to long to charge to be practical we must take into account the rise of a recent company called Tesla. They have managed to make an electric car that goes more than fast enough to meet you needs and it only takes twenty minutes to charge. Its life is several hundred miles and it is fast becoming affordable for everybody. With the development of this new model of electric car I believe that the environmental problems resolved far outweighs the downsides of driving an electric car.

  • Electric cars are better

    Electric cars are better because electric cars wont be a harm to the earth.Gas cars release toxic chemical fumes that electric cars don't produce. As well, electric cars are easier to use and are a lot less likely to break down or run out of fuel. They are easier to use and easier to recharge(get more fuel) than gas cars.

  • Electric, but with a better infrastructure

    As of right now gas is the better choice for a few reasons, the main one being that you can find a gas station every few miles almost anywhere in the US. Lack of charging stations creates "range worries" and rightfully so. So for now electric cars are for day-to day commutes, not cross country travel. And for the day to day commutes electric is far better, reduces not only CO2 pollution but noise and smell pollution as well. I agree that Gas/hybrid is better for long distances but electric is better for short distances and the future when electric stations (or something similar) are just as common as gas equivalents.

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