Which do you think is correct: evolution (yes) or creationism (no)?

  • Evolution is everywhere.

    Lets face it, evolution is evidenced for almost all other species on the planet in some way or another. Be it the bones of our ancestors or the continuous observation of creatures/insects for example the mosquito. They became resistant to man made medicines through evolution of its prior self to extend its survival ism within the world. We are all made from bacteria, this much i believe.

  • Evolution is always correct

    For some reason this issue is very controversial. Out of all the people that go to college in this country, it is hard to believe that nearly half the country still does not think that the human race evolved. I really do not understand why so many people go to college if they are not going to believe what they are taught. Evolution is not a theory, it is a fact. All you have to do is study bacteria to see it.

  • Evolution is the only answer that makes sense.

    While the church may continue to hold the opinion of creationism, evolution can be seen in all species of animals and plants. Scientific study supports evolution and the results show many species that change to fit the current circumstances of their environment. Clinging to creationism to explain our species is outdated and will be proven incorrect.

  • Facts & Evidence

    I believe evolution is "more" correct than the creationism theory. I find it sad that some people are only exposed to creationism, especially if they attended public schools in the United States. Evolution is a more sound theory with more scientific proof than creationism will ever be able to gather.

  • I don't know.

    I believe in evolution. I think it's because I'm not from a religious family, so the only theory that I've looked at in detail IS evolution. I mean, you study it in biology! What else can I believe in? Although, I don't see the evidence to support it. Tectonic plates? I get that. But evolution? No one was around to see it; we don't know just what happened. So, although I personally think it's correct, I don't see how creationism is any less sound than evolution, except for the fact that science made it seem like so.

  • God made me.

    I think that creationism is more correct than evolution, because God told us how he made the world. God said that in the beginning he created the heavens and the earth. He said that he made the animals, and then that he made the people. God did not leave room for debate.

  • Is evolution everywhere?

    Let's face it evolution is the change of kind via the means of natural selection as Charles Darwin called it. Macro-evolution (change in kind) is different to micro-evolution. Adaptation has nothing to do with change in kind because new genetic information must be added but in resistance to things information is lost.

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