Which game is better: Zelda (yes) or Minecraft (no)?

  • IS Zelda BETTER THAN Minecraft?

    Zelda is better because there is TONS of versions of it, there is more excitement, there is WAY BETTER graphics on several versions.I remember when I was little, I played "The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time" I liked Zelda so much.I would LOVE to hear what you think about this.

  • Way way better

    Graphics and core game-play has more to do well mine craft has no real locations just compute red generated it has so much to explore also developers put more work into it also better music. Zelda you find a new location every time its so fun also lots of gear and strategy

  • The legend of zelda

    The legend of zelda is better than Minecraft because it has an actually story line and many side quests unlike Minecraft. Also it has better reviews and is much more of a challenge in general. If you are reading this, then I hope you agree with me. Thank you. Word

  • Zelda is better.

    Minecraft is a gimmick. YOUR creativity is a poor marketing choice. Minecraft gets boring very quickly. If I want to play a game where I have to pretend in order to enjoy it I'll just roleplay in any other game that exists. Zelda is a series that has proven that it can use the same formula for almost every game and still pump in enough new features to keep it interesting. Minecraft works as a rough draft for a good game. Zelda is a series of good games.

  • Zelda is better

    Minecraft? I used to like it but now it just depresses me, people saying "GO AND DIE". I used to like it but seriously no. NO NO NO. Minecraft makes me feel suicidal and Zelda just calms me down as I run around killing Bokoblins. Minecraft makes me wanna die.

  • Minecraft is a waste of time.

    I played minecraft for about three months and I can admit, I was a bit obsessed. But the computer broke so I couldn't play. When we got a new computer I played minecraft and thought, "what the heck is this crap?" on the other hand I've played the legend of Zelda my entire life and I never get tired of the puzzles and bosses.

  • Does minecraft even have a story line?

    Zelda is way better not only because of the story line (which is complete not half-@$$ed), but it is a complete game with items that not only trump the most powerful weapon in minecraft but do so extensively with just the first item. In minecraft there is no attention to deatail, no attention to enemies, and no attention to bosses. I will quote myself when I first booted up the game, "nauseating is this what passes for graphics these days I want my money back" but lo and behold no refund piece of crap waste of time and money


    There is only one mine craft and several zelda games, Mine craft is just like oohhh lets get diamond tools and a house, then you get that, then mine craft gets so boring. Microsoft should just delete the game cause they know better. The Xbox is better than mine craft. MINECRAFT IS THE MOST OVERRATED GAME IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD

  • Minecraft isn't a game at all.

    Zelda is an experience, but Minecraft is just some guy made out of blocks hitting other blocks. With Zelda, you can stop the evil Gannondorf via the SUPER boss master sword. With "Minecraft" you can kill blocky monsters!???? And Minecraft doesn't even have a story. So Minecraft is bad and Zelda is awesome. Take that almost everyone I know!

  • Minecraft can`t replicate Zelda

    I know in Minecraft you can do the Zelda adventure maps, but that won`t change anything. The experience you feel playing Zelda is unique, is different. Playing a Lord of the Rings adventure map in Minecraft is different. Lord of the Rings isn`t originally a game like Zelda, it is a book. Zelda does not have any book. Also, the storyline in Zelda is so good and entertaining, you could repeat it over and over again without being exhausted. I know in Minecraft you can do more things, but it is a different style of game of Zelda. I just think that Minecraft needs more years, to be neck on neck with all of the Zelda franchise, which has been historic.

  • Is Zelda better then Minecraft? Is that even a question?

    Minecraft is obviously much better because you could recreate a Zelda game in Minecraft. Plus in Minecraft you could build anything! Plus Minecraft you can feel free to use your imagination a creativity. In Zelda, you go save the same princess over and over and over again. The Zelda series just has basically been doing the same thing since 1986. It just gets so boring doing the same thing.

  • Minecraft is better

    Minecraft is better because it is a world of survival, exploring and creating worlds of excitement. There are even mods for: dinosaurs, horses and more. There are also texture packs that change the texture of the: grass, cole, wood, diamond and more. These are some of the mane points that minecraft is better than Zelda.

  • It all depends.

    I'm more into creativity, rather then a adventure for a weeks worth. For the people on Zelda, they seem be more into a single grand adventure. Minecraft is a game with infinite possibility. It's got both creativity and adventure, but you see little kids play it. That's not the point. It all depends on what you people think about it.

  • Way way better

    Graphics and core game-play has more to do well mine craft has no real locations just compute red generated it has so much to explore also developers put more work into it also better music. Zelda you find a new location every time its so fun also lots of gear and strategy

  • The only reason why that minecraft is better is because Logan likes the legend of zelda.

    Minecraft is the best in the world. It has all these monsters even youtubers play it. You have good survivor islands and it is just better and also it is better because logan likes the legend of zelda. I is way better.It is way better. It is way better. It is way better.

  • Freedom creativity fun

    It is basically the best jam on earth.You get a endless amount of fun and you have have to stop playing because there's no story line.As well as updates keep coming which means there's always something new.You can play online as well and play with people and do all sort of other challenges.It's BETTER!

  • Minecraft is better

    You get to do and create anything you want in minecraft so you are only limited by your imagination and you are not forced to go on missions. I like that you can name yourself, choose your character and there are lots of seeds. It is more inspiring to create things than it is to complete missions

  • Although Zelda's music is better, Minecraft's overall gameplay is superior.

    Although Zelda provides "nostalgic" needs, Minecraft's gameplay formula is superior. I've been playing Zelda since I was a little kid, but there are limits to the nonlinear gameplay of Zelda. Since the game's story can be completed, the player can only be played a certain amount before the player grows tired of its gameplay. However, Zelda has superior music, bosses, level design, character design, and overall graphics.

    Posted by: Eole

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