Which group is more likely to use reason, rational logic and facts to address the issues in our country. Conservatives (yes) or Liberals (no)

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Which group is more likely to use reason, rational logic and facts to address the issues in our country. Conservatives (yes) or Liberals (no)
  • Look at their policies to find their reasoning.

    In most cases, Liberals use both less rational thought and logic when they make decisions regarding their stance on issues, while conservatives stay more ideologically consistent. A few examples: 1. Rather than counter an argument with facts and evidence, they appeal to emotion and try to commit a character assassination by calling you a racist/sexist/bigot/homophobe. 2. Gun control; liberals think that only the government/cops should be allowed to carry guns, but then say how the government and cops are corrupt racist monsters. Also how gun laws will help keep guns off the street, but smoke weed where it's illegal. 3. Gay marriage; They are in favor of gay marriage, but against polygamy or incest, despite the fact that there is no secular argument that excludes any of these if your idea is that they are consenting adults (I would include the child argument, but this post is long enough). 4. The appeal to emotion that there is such a thing that a "common good" exists, so we need to have our income and property taxed to pay for it. 5. Freedom of speech; Liberals believe in freedom of speech as long as its ideologically consistent with their believes, or they will immediately attack you as a racist/sexist/bigot/homophobe (look at the donald sterling case, he was publicly hung out to dry and lost ownership of his own team because he said something racist to one person, in the privacy of his own home). 6. Racism/Sexism; liberals love to say how they are they are for equality of races and sexes, but actively support affirmative action, which, by definition, is discriminating based on sex/race.

    To keep this post from being ridiculously long, I'll stop there, but the point is almost all liberal views have built in ideological inconsistencies and are usually driven by emotion instead of logic and rational thought. I'm not saying conservatives are always right on issues, but they are more ideologically consistent and their policies rely more on logic.

    Debating people is the fastest way to find out where their beliefs are substantiated from. Next time you have a debate with a liberal, see how long it takes them to either call you a racist/sexist/bigot/homophobe or to insult you on a personal level instead of using logic and facts to back their claims.

  • No 'neither' option?

    I have twice come to this page and twice left without voting, because each time the answer I came to in my own mind was that neither of these groups is terribly rational. Libertarians (classical Liberals) are, more often than not, the most rational, logical voice in politics.
    Now, my third time coming to this page I decided to vote because what I'm seeing here is utterly ridiculous. Liberals are, by far, the least logical group of people in America. I've never before seen a group of people who so doggedly refuse to see the truth regarding things like Socialist policies, big government, the economy, etc.
    Also, it's been my experience when discussing ideas with different people, that Liberals are the least likely to welcome open, thoughtful discussion and the first to shout down any opposition and ignore facts.

  • Neither side gets it right, but...

    Recent news, Brian Williams lies a lot. Global warming scientists falsify data. Russian energy companies fund anti-fracking and anti-energy groups in USA, like Sierra club, and American policy center etc... Lefty's want no part of free speech on college campi, only socialist speakers are allowed. Fake rape alagations against "conservatives" ok because we know it happened somewhere. The list goes on for reasonable liberals. Just research it for yourselves.

  • Neither side is right all the time but I believe conservatives are more rational.

    Have you ever had a disagreement with a liberal. I find it hard to agree with people that blatantly ignore facts. Liberals are the masters of misinformation, disinformation and ignorance. They run up and down the street screaming for change as if their pant are on fire yet often times when asked for their plan on how to change things you get a blank stare. It would appear to me that liberals lack the ability to plan intelligently or perhaps they cant figure it out because their original thought process makes no sense in the first place. Case in point "our borders should be open to all" when asked how we will support this influx of people liberals get angry and call you a racist to divert the attention away from the fact that they have no plan and no clue.

  • Logic doesn't matter

    When asking liberals why they voted for Obama or why they plan to vote for Hillary I have yet for one to be able to give a factual or logical reason for voting for either one. Then when I give them a piece of the truth about either one they generally are shocked and didn't have a clue. But even with the facts in front of them with no defence of their candidate they still continue to ride that merry go round and stay clueless. Why shouldn't there atleast be a test in order for someone to vote? Why is it that people who make one bad life decision after a another get the same vote I get when I feeding them with my taxes? Face it these people almost always vote liberal because they are uninformed exept for the little clever lines the left puts up.

  • If it were up to liberals we would be taken over by special interest groups and we would be socialist

    I favor Conservatives because individuals are better citizens when they take responsibility for their own lives. Liberals have dependant mentalities. Implementing more of a socialist type of society, With freedom and rights come responsibility, there are large groups specifically Millennial, LGBT, and Black Lives Matter, these many special interest groups, wag the tail and scream and turn society upside down.

    So these groups lack responsibility and respect for others when it comes to rights and freedoms. Liberals feed into this, and feed it. Media feeds it. Liberals also tie the hands of businesses with regulations. If there is spending and red tape they are in their natural habitat. And they don't have respect for military and law enforcement.
    Conservatives are actually the party of the people. Conservatives want to empower everyone. Liberals make minorities an issue, Conservatives although, the race card and bigot card are applied, Conservatives don't see race, or gay, or other groups in the same way. They see society as colorless, a-racial, and multicultural, and just American . They would prefer to redistribute wealth through personal responsibility and personal growth. They want people to manage their own lives. They feel self management is empowering. Conservatives would prefer to fund self help and carrier training then to create dependent. Liberals create dependency, and then use it, Special interest groups are their survival. They use them, and its a codependent relationship, throw media in there and you have Liberal Propaganda and community unrest, their special poisonous brew. Liberals want the immigration issue out of control. Politically incorrect speech is control tactics removing freedom of speech, its another way they can diminish self empowerment. Dependant and special interest groups are their support, and infusing society with unrest, and confusion, activism are their mode of winning elections. Liberals support a disproportion of rights, and are unfair toward the good of all. Conservatives are boring, they want the people to balance society in a a golden rule approach to rights and be fair to one another. With Liberals there is no fair, its overtake, by feelings of injustice. Where Conservative would allow society to self correct. And honestly, We would have self corrected long ago if it wasn't for liberals

  • Neither. Both use huge appeals to emotion in their arguments.

    Effectively both sides are equally malignant when discussing issues. I find Libertarianism to be the party which uses the most facts, and little to no appeals to emotion, except for the ones they can rationalize. On certain social issues, Conservatives appeal to emotion, with abortion and immigration. On other social issues liberals tend to appeal to emotions, like gun control and border control. I put this in the conservative spot, because of economic issues. I typically find conservatives to be more economically factual, while liberals typically appeal to emotion; for example, the minimum wage debate: "doesn't everyone deserve a living wage?" This is not a valid argument. Economics were the tiebreaker, especially because an economically sound country has increased equality and quality of life, while a society which focuses on equality will cause increasing income gaps and poverty.

  • Neither sides are perfect.

    Anyone who discriminates a whole entire group is ridiculous and i have seen it be done by presidents and politicians all over the whole United States. When it comes to using logic and facts to address issues i have to agree with Conservatives/Libertarians because they don't ignore the government dependencies that is the one big issue of Liberalism

  • The conservative philosophy is rooted in reality while liberal philosophy is rooted in fantasy.

    Conservatism is based on facts such as: The world cannot be a perfect place without any problems (War/Violence will always exist and poverty will always exist, neither can be "cured"). Evil exists and people are born evil (Babies are the most narcissistic beings on the planet). Capitalism is mathematically and historically proven to be the best long term economical system for a nation. Men and women are far more different than alike both physically and mentally.

    Liberalism based on fantasies such as: Humans have the power to root all evil from the earth and live in a utopia. "Evil" is just a natural reaction to a persons environment because all people are born good. Capitalism is based on greed and therefore MUST BE EVIL. Men and women are absolutely identical so the concept of gender must be thrown out.

  • As already stated, Libertarians are the most logical and rational.

    Conservatives can sometimes be stubborn, but often-times that is in response to radical policies proposed or implemented by liberals. Liberals have a tendency to intrude into others space and demand that those they are intruding upon change to suit them. Conservatives tend to think longer and weigh the consequences of something new. Liberals tend to jump in feet first and then rationalize later negative consequences. I'd much rather see conservatives running things than liberals.

  • The right is home to anti intellectualism

    As stated above in a comment, the polar right or left is how most view these terms. There are many conservatives that don't fit the anti-intellectual label, but the home to anti-intellectualism in America is clearly the right.

    By definition, eschewing rational science is enough to answer this question "no"="liberal".

    Posted by: TBR
  • Liberals are more reasonable

    In general, liberals tend to be more rational and logical in their beliefs compared to the average conservative. Most, not all, conservatives rely too much on fear-based tactics and discriminatory policies in regards to social and economic issues in our country. From what I have noticed, many conservatives also blatantly lie and deny facts to promote their illogical, hateful and discriminatory ideologies. This is especially evident among anti-gay and religious social conservatives. Not to mention, all hate groups are conservatively biased for a reason. Overall I feel that liberals tend to be more logical and compassionate in their beliefs. Liberals promote equality, scientific, environmental and economic progress and genuinely care about those who are disenfranchised in society. I cannot say the same for conservatives who generally couldn't care less about equality, deny and hinder social, economic and scientific progress and only really care about those who are already privileged in our society. I will admit that there are good and bad on both sides, but liberals are clearly much less of a threat to progress in society.

  • Depends on what you mean by "liberal".

    Classical liberals have been at the forefront of the largest periods of growth that the United States has experienced. This isn't just a national thing, either. Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Germany have all seen periods of immense growth under classical liberals. It's neo-liberals (the ones in power right now) that are completely deconstructing the entire basis by which these nations became known throughout the world.

    Nothing says this more succinctly than the cases of Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

  • Neither resolve issues

    Our politicians throw around the labels of conservative and liberal to energize their base, but they don't actually address issues that face our nation. They are wholly focused on what their donors want rather than doing what is right based on facts or reason. Get money out of politics. Youngturks!

  • All these generalizations are making my head spin.

    In the U.S. today, the word "liberal" is used to describe a person who is a fanatical democrat. Likewise, the word "conservative" is used to describe a fanatical republican. However, most Americans fall somewhere between these two groups. Political parties are making the definition of "liberal" and "republican" two very different extremes, and it's not fair to the average person. I can't consider myself a conservative because I support abortion, but I agree with some other conservative views. Similarly, I agree with some liberal views too.
    In the end however, I find liberals more reasonable. The IDEA of their party as a whole is more logical and extremely factual compared to the conservative party. The politicians supposed to be executing and upholding these ideas might do a cruddy job, but I'm trying to be as unbiased as possible, and honestly find allowing a woman to have a choice about her body more reasonable and logical than taking that choice away and terrorizing those who go to abortion clinics.
    Conservatives are good guys too, it's just their party has a few too many old privileged white guys who have archaic ideas, and they outweigh the more reasonable young conservatives.

  • Racism is the hallmark of the right.

    When I hear Republicans cry "foul" at being called racist, I don't know whether to laugh, sneer, or weep. I know otherwise from first hand experience. Too many times, I have heard Republicans covertly, and openly state that their fondest dream is to "kill a n****** and get away with it." Their policies court the racist element, hence the conversion of "Dixiecrats". To our shame, the Democrats kept this element in our fold for too long. To THEIR shame, the Republicans chase it with all their might.

  • Neither group uses logic or reasoning...

    I haven't seen one example where either group has used clear logic or reasoning. Whilst both parties may be right or wrong, or that the ideas that they endorse do have logic/reasoning in them, I have seldom ever heard themselves having used logic/reasoning. For example, conservatives talk about how wonderful the free-market is, yet most can't explain why it is (typically) the most economically efficient. Another example, liberals accept scientific facts such as evolution and natural selection, though I haven't heard them actually explaining it.

    But for all those who don't believe me, just listen to all the politicians go on about jobs and you will see that most of it is nonsense. From both the left and the right.

    Posted by: WXL
  • Liberals Are On Average More Reasonable Even Though It Is Not Immune To Idiots

    Liberals may not be perfect and have their embarrassing moments but at least it doesn't have a tendency to bigotry and supremacist ideologies. While not all conservatives are crazy of course, liberals don't have as much of those kinds of people on their ranks. Even then liberalism is better than conservatism because it recognizes the problem of institutionalize inequality while conservatism is usually like "meh".

  • Let's be real here.

    There is a vast difference between liberal and conservative thinking. Let's start off by naming some general characteristics for both ideologies.
    Tend to be well educated.
    Tend to not maintain religious affiliations.
    While acknowledging that utopia is surreal, they also acknowledge that there are real means of attaining significant progress and positive changes for society.
    Acknowledge that environment plays a large portion in the development of character and personalities.
    Tend to care for others and display altruism.
    Have great regard for personal freedoms, civil liberties, and rights.
    Dismiss discrimination, segregation, racism, bigotry, homophobia, and sexism as primitive, outdated, and destructive beliefs.

    Tend to resist change and progress.
    Tend to be religious (which immeasurably influences their world view)
    Believe that government is ineffective and should be kept to a minimum.
    Do not believe in concepts such as guaranteed healthcare and assistance to the underprivileged.
    Statistically have a lower level of education. (Which is also associated with religion)
    Statistically have less interest in science. (Also associated with religion)
    Tend to deny science as fact.
    Feel that the government should not intervene in economics because the government has no business in people's lives, yet oppose gay marriage and women's reproductive rights.
    Call themselves pro life while they support wars, easy access to weapons and firearms, the death penalty, production and maintenance of the worlds largest nuclear arsenal, and bombing/invading other countries for the actions of a few individuals.
    Regularly tune into Fox News for which there is no match in terms of successful fear mongering, racist agendas, story fabrication, and fact distortion.
    Seem to care so much about unborn fetuses until the minute they are born. Then they're left to tough it out with no healthcare, no financial assistance if needed, no help from society in general, and if they commit a crime as the result of their needs not being met, they face execution.

    Obviously, I'm a liberal. And I'll tell you why. The human species is constantly evolving. I know that evolution is a hard concept for you conservatives to grasp. As social creatures, or society is also constantly evolving. The majority of the time, conservatives are an obstacle to that evolution. They'd rather stay put in their ways regardless of the poor condition of society and people's lives. Future generations will look back in awe of the primitive ideologies of many conservatives.

    Contribute to the progress or be left behind.

  • I say no, however

    There should be a neither option. Partisans are awful. Want to be fascinated? Do a comparison between both parties' stances between gun control laws and, say, voter ID laws. Essentially these are the same supporting reasons and stances, just on opposite sides for each issue.

    I wish there was a neither or neutral option, as Libertarianism is arguably the most logical and rational.

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Craighawley215 says2015-02-09T16:46:34.673
I refuse to post my opinion because they are both equally terrible.
goodsense says2015-02-09T17:04:46.390
Craighawley215, Fair enough thanks for reading.
debate_power says2015-02-09T22:11:26.850
I'd like to see evidence for societal inequalities being scientifically justifiable. I don't really expect to see any.
limeemperor says2015-02-10T20:24:09.163
See this is what I hate about politics. My answer would only be about the extreme believers of both parties. When most parties have huge centrist populations. I am a Democrat but love my God and Guns and a Strong America. Sounds kind of conservative right. I think both have there faults. Tax policies of the left can become out of control. The rich can afford the right people to help them slip through most taxes to fund social programs so taxes would fall on the college graduate worker class who make more then the poor but are not rich. But on the other side the first thing they want gutted is social programs and privatize them. So thats why I believe most Americans fall in the middle. So no vote from me.
Jack_D says2015-07-08T16:08:57.613
Can't vote either yes or no. Neither right or left can claim any advantage in this category.Ideologues, left or right, do not use facts/reason/logic etc.