Which in your opinion is more important: a healthy mind (yes) or a healthy body (no)?

  • A healthy mind.

    Most of people's body does not say to them, hey be happy or hey be unhappy. The only time your body makes you unhappy is when your body gives you pain.

    As for the mind, the mind loves to play tricks. It is the mind that says, hey lets compare you to that person or that other person. It is the mind that challenges you.

    Your mind will tends to bother you to see if you're happy, but your body mostly do not. Therefore, once you conquer the mind, you'll have conquer your main source of unhappiness.

  • A healthy mind is definitely more important than a healthy body

    As the mind is generated by the body, one would think that the healthy body would be the answer, but it's more complicated than that. The mind is the dance of behaviors on the brain and seems indelibly tied to it, so we should expect an unhealthy brain to lead to all sorts of bad things, and this obviously happens. But the cool thing is that the brain can remake itself and the body, as well.

    Think about that: we can think about being different and then become different. Just by thinking (and then acting, too, obviously)! Of course, you have to think about it first, so it's a complicated loop.

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  • Mind must be healthy.

    You know when you have a healthy and a confident mind, you can make your body healthy.But when you have a healthy body, can it be used to build up a healthy mind??It is just the confidence in you which makes the impossible things possible.It is only your mental power which guides all along your life.How many physically challenged people are succeeding in today's world.It is just because of your mental capacity and a healthy mind.

  • Yes, a healthy mind is more important.

    Having a healthy mind will allow you to maintain your body and keep it healthy. If your mind is gone you are essentially crazy. You will be a suicide risk as well. A healthy mind also allows you to have a job and pay your bills. An unhealthy mind gets you put in a crazy hospital.

  • A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

    I believe that a healthy body is much more important than a healthy mind. A healthy body encourages a person to fulfill his goals. A healthy mind is of no use if you are not having the capacity to fulfill your dreams.A healthy body most probably increases our life span. A healthy mind also stops working when the body is not healthy.

  • It is not true

    Actually if you have a healthy mind it cannot help to have a healthy body but the vice versa will do.If you have a healthy body nothing can hinder healthy mind.So I do support healthy body and one more thing if something happens to our body gradually our mind becomes weak.

  • No - A Healthy Body Allows the Mind to Function

    No, a healthy body is more important than a healthy mind. With a healthy body, the mind can function. Imagine how many more songs Scott Joplin would have written if he had not died a a young age. There are countless other potential discoveries and human gains that have been lost because the body failed. To have a healthy body allows the mind to reach its potential. Without a healthy body, the mind does not exist.

  • A healthy mind requires a healthy body

    I am actually equally torn between Yes and No on this one. You can't have a healthy mind without having a healthy body. If you're sick or not feeling well, you're not going to be feeling very good mentally. However, if you are depressed or suffer from another mental condition, you probably won't feel up to exercising or eating healthy. A healthy mind and a healthy body go together.

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