Which is better? Computers(yes) or books(no)?

Asked by: athar13
  • IS this a valid question

    Computersand books are a completely different ball game it is like comparing the 21st century to the 17th century there is a big gap. Books are good to prevent distractions and focus on the main topic while computers are good for doing a lot of work and multi tasking. So can you put them head to head? I don't think so

  • Computers are better but we cant just use them as digital notepads

    The thing about bringing schools into the 21st century is that we shouldn't just throw iPads at the kids and make them do the same thing because its not just about the equipment but its also more importantly about the curriculum they use it with thats why i think we should use gamification and digital tutor software like khan academy on the i pads instead of just using it as a digital notepad.

  • Everything books can do

    Computers can do better. Simply put, computers can do everything a book can do, but there are countless things a book can't do that a computer can. Computers win in the reading department alone, even without mentioning all the other things it can do. Sure, books aren't useless and an upside is that each costs less, but that's about it.

  • Computers are better

    Yes, i think computers are better because we can get infinite information in them through internet, we can do we want to it without harming it (ex-typing, playing games, etc.) and it is also eco-friendly because plants and trees are not used in its production, therefore reducing deforestation. Thank you.

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