Which is better: conformity (yes) or individuality (no)?

  • Conformity wins always

    Conformity is seen EVERYWHERE there hasn't been one person that on not conform, big brands like apple and samsung are the types of technology that you would buy and if you bought something different people would not accept your for it. The percentage also shows conformity because most people think they are an individual but if everyone believes that they are individuals then aren't they all conform in believing that? Think about that.

  • What do these words really mean

    This whole debate is stupid because individuality literally means being distinguished from others. Why would you consciously try to behave in a way that is distinguishable from others? Just do what you do. If your behaviour/ ideas conform with others, so be it. If your behaviours are distinguished from others, then so be it. If you have some conflict with your ideas and your societies, then that's unfortunate. Hopefully the society you live is open to discussion, because your ideas might actually be more rational and if your people knew this, there is NO reason for them to want to think otherwise. But unfortunately the world isn't that black and white.

    Just do ur think, you will conform in some areas but that is out of your control! ALLHAH BVVAAKKHBARRRR

  • Mix of both. Conformity has greater benefits than individuality.

    It's neither one or the other. It's a mixture of both:
    (a) We have similar natures-- human. Our common nature determines our abilities and behaviors. We conform in some things due to having the same natures. (We must have food, water, air, shelter, etc.; we can reproduce; we must produce (work) to have things we need)
    (b) We model (ie. Conform) beneficial behaviors in others because the results of those behaviors can be replicated in ourselves.
    (c) Division of labor allows one individual to benefit from the group of other individuals with skills, knowledge, and interests in domains the individual doesn't have. The individual accepts (ie. Conforms) to the group's greater contribution to his life over his own, individual, but less valuable efforts.

  • Perceptions of individuality and conformity

    Many people immediately respond with individuality as freedom, but the cold truth is most people need to feel a purpose in life. With conformity comes comfort for many. People conform to ways of thinking, living, and morals. When most people try to analyze individuality and conformity, they all refer back to saying
    "be an individual, do not conform to the system of going to school, behave, get a good career, have a family, and live a mediocre life." And I agree, all for it. Do your own thing. But do not conform to these ideas. Learn the originality for thoughts. Ask yourselves questions. People will probably think you;re crazy. And most likely you will be crazy, but that is only because the people who call you crazy are not individuals but apart of the conformed society.

  • An Unrealized Conformity

    Consider for a minute the innate individuality that 90% of the people debating this topic claim to share. There is an inherent problem with that statistic. The people defending conformity are actually individualizing themselves, whereas those defending individuality are (perhaps unintentionally) conforming to a societal norm. I'll prevent myself from creating an association fallacy ("everyone's conforming, so it's gotta be right"); instead, I will merely point out that in any system of law, certain individual rights are sacrificed for the good of the community as a whole. Those who do not conform to these societal norms (otherwise known as laws) are considered criminal and are appropriately punished. There is a reason for this. When nations have had even slight tinges of anarchy, it has led to pure chaos. Individuality in its purest form is dangerous. Restricted individuality (with such restriction coming in the form of laws) is ideal because it appeases the masses (which apparently feel quite strongly about their individuality) while ensuring social order. However, this social order comes with the price of conformity, proving that conformity is necessary. The same thing cannot be said of individuality: it is not necessary; rather, it is an idealism strongly held by the populace. Individuality, as stated earlier, is dangerous. My friends on the other side of this aisle would argue that conformity is dangerous because it denies people individuality, but this assumes that individuality is an unalienable right. Even when the Founding Fathers stated that liberty is an unalienable right, they understood that unrestrained liberty (the liberty to do absolutely anything) was dangerous and would lead to chaos, necessitating laws (and, therefore, conformity). In conclusion, where individuality is dangerous, conformity is necessary, making conformity better.

  • You just gotta fit in

    It is all about fitting in nowadays, especially High School! It is a sad world that we have entered, however it does not remove the fact that blending in is how people survive now! I disagree with this notion, but it is truly the correct answer in this horrible world!

  • Everyone needs to be an individual.

    All of us are unique in our own ways. Why pretend we're all the same? We need to show everyone we can be who we are. Why do we have to blend in with everyone else? We are special for how we really are. Just be yourself and be unique.

  • We need to be more of individuals than conformists.

    We need to be how we really are. We don't need to fit in. We just need to be ourselves. All of us are special in our own way. If somebody calls you weird, just say "I'm being me.". You'll have a better future in your life. Be yourself and be unique.

  • We need to be more of individuals than conformists.

    We need to be how we really are. We don't need to fit in. We just need to be ourselves. All of us are special in our own way. If somebody calls you weird, just say "I'm being me.". You'll have a better future in your life. Be yourself and be unique.

  • Life with more joy

    Individuality let's people live happily. They can find what makes them happy and go for it. Happier people is better for the whole community. It brings peace. Individuality let's people rediscover their true nature and let's them be free from the chains of conformity. It is simple. Individuality brings peace and joy.

  • Individuality lets people have there own opinion

    People may laugh at you because your different but you should laugh at them because there all the same. Also teamwork isnt always the answer. Groups are overated and boring. Also you cant trust everyone in a group. Also the strongest man the world is man himself. So I reccomend individualality.

  • I hate doing stuff in groups- I couldn't choose yes. And anyway. Individuality for the win!

    Doing stuff in groups-
    You go at the pace of the slowest person in the group, It takes longer. Is generally speaking not higher quality, as well as half a dozen other bad things about group work. I mean, it's better than nothing, but individual work is clearly better.

    The only type of group work which is good is in itself individuality! It's when several people work on a project, but they just do their part by themselves and then regroup to see how well it turned out.

  • Individuality aspires truth and acceptance

    To conform is to lock oneself in a cage; acting as a slave to another. Individuality is embracing oneself for the way one is meant to be; to be flexible and open to opinions and thoughts of others at the same time. Unfortunately, it is by human nature to aim to destroy what is deemed "not normal".

    But, if humans are evolutionary, changing trends whether socially or not. Then what is it that is REALLY normal? Normal seems to be founded upon lies.

  • Individuality promotes people to become more self-indulgent.

    When there's a will, there's a way. When a human is more self-indulgent, they can follow their path and their opinion to create a better world for themselves and for people around them who understand what they want to become. However, conformity sucks everyone into a culture that is pop culture; this culture that we currently live in is destroying human beings, making them lazy, making them feel worthless, and those "models" in shopping malls are implying that nobody will ever be at the point that they are at, that they will never be pretty, and that they will not succeed unless they are like those "models". When you think on your own, your ideas can form with other people's ideas. We are all trapped in a box right now, and in order to get out, we need to examine our life to change it and for it to become what we want it to be instead of what culture is telling us it is.

  • It encourages choice of opinion, personality, and outlook

    Yet in reality, it all depends on what you are conforming to or what you are not conforming to. If you are conforming to being a loving person, that's good. But don't do it just because people told you. Do it because it's the right thing to do. And don't decide to break away from democracy and become part of Al Qaeda. That's terrible individuality.

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