Which Is Better: Democrat (Yes) or Republican (No)?

Asked by: Superchampmax
  • Well of course.

    Democrats are 100% better. They are more logical and understanding. They are not afraid of change and actually think about the big picture. Republicans are just a mess right now especially but are extremely close minded about many things. Politicians like Ann Coulter doesn't really help Republicans case either. Democrats are definitely better. No doubt.

  • Democrat is most logical

    This is so because of their system and stance and their mind set. They not only strive towards a better mind set but a better country. Democrats are better and people agree that is why Obama won the election, even though he had all odds against him (being black and so on).

  • Democrats promote citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and NOT deportation.

    As we know, our president, Donald Trump, is devising a plan for stricter control over the US border. His plan is to deport undocumented immigrants without looking at the big picture. Undocumented immigrants are imperative for jobs such as farmers and factory workers. By deporting these workers, we risk making the economy worse. It is a fact that Republicans would prefer to deport these individuals. If we divide our countries so abruptly, we can also risk trade agreements (NAFTA) and plain respect from countries we discriminate their citizens from. People may say debating which side (democrats or republicans) are better is wrong and we should work together, but on this issue where they are divided, we must choose the right decision when deciding to ruin millions of peoples' lives. I'm not saying ALL republicans want to deport undocumented immigrants, but because there are millions of people who support this plan.

  • Democrats for the win!

    While I think that Democrats are too lenient towards Islam and its extreme, sexist, ruthless, and intolerant beliefs, I almost wholly support them on everything else (although I'm barely against the death penalty, and I wholly believe that abortion is immoral outside of the first trimester). Their beliefs are logical and helpful for the working class and those who want a better world of equality. Their policies make it so that the federal government and the people would be one entity without mutual distrust, where our taxes would help everyone, so that no one would below the poverty line. If it weren't for conservative Christians who believe anything their magical book spouts at them, the rich business owners, and the common worker that those business owners are tricking, this would have happened already.

  • No Max, you are wrong.

    Democrats are liars. They especially pretend to care about black people, when really in 1964, they did not even want the Civil Rights act to pass. There was 91 Democratic (37% of 245 Democrats) nays compared to 35 nays (20% of 173 Republicans). It is clear that Democrats had far more outspoken racists in their party. Also none of them switched to the Republican Party as the liberal myth claims. In fact it was the Democrats that put up the most opposition to the bill with their filibustering of the bill.

    You really have to look at the history of African-American voting in the 20th century. For the first 70 years the Democrats in office generally opposed civil rights. Despite this, Truman captured over 70% of the black vote even though he was a member of the KKK.

    No matter how you look at it the Republican party was the originator of Civil Rights in this county, not the Democrats…My God, Dr. Martin Luther King was Republican.

  • They should work together

    Democrats are Americans, Republicans are Americans. Maybe we all have different beliefs, but we shouldn't separate ourselves and create political barriers. Saying democrats are more logical is a logical fallacy. Your political party doesn't make an individual logical, their own mind does. Republicans and Democrats should work together, we shouldn't be divided. "a house divided against itself cannot stand." We are all in the United States. Blaming each other and saying "I'm better!" doesn't work in healing a nation, unity does.

  • It's quite obvious

    The Republicans are actually not racist believe it or not. The party was founded to fight racism (which were the Democrats. The media kinda swept that one under the rug) in the South and the belief that the parties switching due to racism can be debunked in multiple different. One is that it moved due to the movement of industry. The south starting voting more Republican before the 1964 Civil Rights as the freer market the Republicans strongly believe in better suited the South's heavy agriculture based market. Eisenhower won 7 more states in the South in his second election due to the movement of industry. The Republicans more capitalistic stance is also more logical as it leads to more competitiveness and therefore lower prices. Why do you think the epi-pen costs 700$? It's because the government's infringement on the market made only one supplier that can now price fix. Cutting taxes is better which leads to growth in the economy and people save more money. e.g. Reagan, Trump, and your oh so revered Kennedy who would've been a Republican today. The private sector does a lot better job dealing with businesses. The government once subsidized beaver hats and telegraphs and right after being government run they failed. As soon as the government let go they flourished. Socialism is awful, look at the healthcare in Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, U.K. and the rest of the world. The United States privatized healthcare market beats all those previous stated countries in almost all types of cancer for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, and 5-year survival rate. Jamestown actually tried socialism and they realized it led to stealing and lazy people and quickly got rid of it. Abortion is completely immoral (unless the woman's life is in danger or rape) and the baby, when conceived, has different DNA from its mother and a beating heart. Guns are for self-protection and protection from a tyrannical government. The gun-show loophole is completely false and the NRA states everyone who buys a gun needs a background check. If a psycho really wants a gun they'll get it illegally. The argument about the forefathers never predicted automatic guns is false as automatic guns existed at their time. Illegal immigration is illegal and President Trump is actually making it easier for people to earn citizenship. He, I and many others don't want illegals abusing welfare and other socialized systems. Socialism is bad and hasn't worked anywhere and the fact that many Democrats want it is frightening. Bernie Sanders had no idea how he would pay free college and healthcare and Hillary Clinton is called black people "super-predators."

  • Trump is a good boy

    Big weewee lol
    Big peepee lol
    Good economy lol
    Good president lol
    Good leader lol
    Best president lol
    Best business man lol
    Works for free
    Makes fake liberals cry
    Milo supports him so that’s pretty much all you need
    Anything elese?
    Well then.
    Good night America, and sweet dreams

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