Which is better: GTA 5 (yes) or COD Ghosts (no)?

Asked by: rishitrockzz
  • Gta 5 is better in every way!

    Gta 5 unlike call of duty has so many things to do, race, rob banks, fly planes, customize cars, buy guns, hunt, I could go on for days, and the story for gta 5 is five times longer and five times better than call of duty ghosts story. Call of duty ghosts was probably the worst call of duty yet. And the last time I checked, I'm pretty sure that call of duty ghosts did not make over one billion dollars in the first three days of release!

  • COD Ghosts is just a flop game made to keep up with Battlefield

    GTA V is so fun. You can do so much more and have fun with your friends doing whatever you want. COD Ghosts is such a bad game. Black Ops 2 is so fun and is way better than ghosts. The snipers and maps are so good and many people are going back to black ops 2 because ghosts is so bad. Anyway that's why GTA V is so much better.

  • Gta is waaaaaay better

    Call of duty gets so stale so quick, especially ghosts. I bought played it for 2 weekends and got so bored with it and went back to play other games. However when you have no one to play with gta gets a little boring but if you do you can play it for months or years

  • Call of Duty

    CoD is an FPS. It is designed to keep players entrenched in the multi-player for months at a time. GTA isn't a bad game, the multi-player just gets really boring after like a week. CoD provides months of endless multi-player action on Xbox LIVE, PSN, and PC. CoD is superior in the sense that it is more versatile.

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