• Music is better then art.

    The first reason why music is better than music is, art could take year to learn how to make shapes. Some people can’t even make a round circle. But for music, if you play an instrument all you have to know is witch keys witch. But with art there is way of making a great shape. So music would be easier in this cases.

    The second reason is art is way to 2D. Xavier Aaronson, the person who wrote “Is Art better than Music?”, said that art is way to 2D. In the text they said, “Art isn’t the only thing 2D, music is also unless you see the performers than it gives you the 3D feeling .”(Aaronson 2012). This proves that music in better in seeing but, also for a bonus hearing.

  • I hate art

    Music paints on silence. You cant touch music. For example , the art is destoryed but music cant (if written on paper then it is destoryed) music helps you feel............ Not art! Singing is what anyone can do, even if they are bad at it or hated. Eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee eeeeee

  • Music is better

    I can't believe 54% of people say visual art is better than music. I like art, and making art, but it doesn't really affect you in the way music does. If I listen to music, it changes my emotions and makes me feel like I can do anything or makes me depressed. Music become entwined with memories - when you hear a piece of music from your past it brings up those memories and makes you relive them.

    Just listen to the second movement of Beethoven's 7th Symphony, or Air on G String and you'll realise how music affects the human mind.

  • It all comes down to emotion.

    The argument here would be better stated if it established that this was the discussion of visual arts verses music. It is impossible to state which is inherently 'better' however it would be far more correct to discuss which elicits a stronger reaction. Whilst it is true that the visual arts do indeed elicit powerful emotions, it is important to note that it is necessary to be aware of their contexts to fully appreciate them. For example, 'The Raft of the Medusa' owes part of its success to the contexts in which it was produced, owing at least some of its impact to situations unrelated to it. Music on the other hand has a greater sense of beauty to in as a piece of music is beautiful fundamentally because of its existence as itself, not necessarily what it is associated with. Beethoven's ninth is not special because he was deaf when he composed it, it is special because the sensations and emotions it creates are just so powerful. Regardless, both visual and auditory art are essentially beautiful, so it is difficult to assert which is superior to the other.

  • I make s you fell better

    When you are sad do go to art i don't think so. So maybe art is stupid music would make you fell like my friends Xavier Shout out to Xavier's youtube channel. Did you that every single person in the world uses music at some time in the day thank you world!

  • Music is the best. Plus the awards and the royalties

    When you make a single track, you pretty much just have to record, send to either Apple inc. For their iTunes or to Google inc. For their Google Play. You release an album. If it becomes a No. 1 Album, the nominations for awards come to the artist. Grammys, American Music Awards, MTV Music Awards, Soul Train Awards etc. Plus it brings in the money IF you are signed to a major record company like Epic, Sony Music BMG, Warner Bros. Music, Republic and so on.

  • Music is stronger and more immediate

    We are more immersed in sounds than we are in visual arts (you can close your eyes, but can't "close" you ears). Furthermore, emotions carried by music are more immediate and need no explaining or interpretation, and they can be more complex. In conclusion, music is a better medium for communicating emotions (which, I think, is the whole point of arts in general). If you're still unsure, just look at people. You often hear things like "I don't really like art" but you will never hear something like "I don't like music": sure, everyone has their favorite genre, but no one really dislikes music.

  • Music is better

    Music is better as it requires more thinking than visual art does. You have to listen and make it sound good. Music is more emotional than art. It can be happy, sad, angry or scared. Music has all sorts of styles, instruments, and people who do it are more recognized and famous (and usually more wealthy).

  • I consider music a form of art.

    Music is indeed widely considered a form of art, however in this question I'm assuming you mean visual art such as paintings. Though I appreciate both, I simply tend to get more pleasure from listening to music than admiring visual works. Not sure why. Just the way I am I suppose.

  • Art is awesome!

    Music is amazing, but it can take years to learn one song or instrument. Art can be manipulated, touched, and molded to make a vision or creation inside your head or something in front of you. Music is a form of art, and a beautiful one, its just not visual. And even though art can be destroyed, so can music, by discorded noises. Music isn't perfect just like art isn't perfect. There is visual art all over the world, in culture. We would make masks and clothes, and paint on sticks, logs, and caves. But, then we would dance with our beautiful works of art, but what's dancing without music! Music and art are the same thing, and they both play a part in society. They make us who we are, and without one, we wouldn't have the other. We are lucky because we get both, the best of both worlds. Be grateful.

  • Art is amazing!

    All of my friends do choir. I feel like EVERYONE at my school does choir. Now, i didn't choose art because im a hipster, but because you don't have to be good at art to, well... DO art. Ever heard of "a painting can say a thousand words"? It's true. My girlfriend gave me the best drawing I have ever seen of her and me. I still have it, and it almost made me cry. So yes, I prefer art over music, but i DO like music.

  • Stole my fans!!!!

    They stole my frieds! I hat them they are the worst. I HATE MUSIC!! It is the worst most annoying thing i ever heard! I HATE MUSIC!!! Beauty is art NOT music it is beautiful not a bounch of words with backround sound!!! I Will ALWAYS HATE MUSIC !! .The End

  • Steeling all of me and my friends followers

    It stole all of my . FRIENDS!!!!! It was so mean it was lke a tornado hit texas in the face!! I hate music!!! It is just straght up horrable! ART IS BETTER!!!!!!!I feeel s bad and betray and hurt I offically HATE MUsic Forever and ever and ever. The end

  • Steeling all of me and my friends followers

    It stole all of my . FRIENDS!!!!! It was so mean it was lke a tornado hit texas in the face!! I hate music!!! It is just straght up horrable! ART IS BETTER!!!!!!!I feeel s bad and betray and hurt I offically HATE MUsic Forever and ever and ever. The end

  • Ye art boi

    Art and smart both rhyme and i dont think its a coincidence. In my opinion art is appreciated as much as music. In my school art students get nothing and music students get sooooo many choices. They get concerts and their own trips and t-shirts. We don't even get a t-shirt! Art should get acknowledged more because equality man.

  • Art is a place where all people are welcome

    For music is great but when it comes to the ability most people can get discourage by hitting the wrong note. Art is where there are no rules yes there's difficulties but everything is art and many can like it. Music has this sound that has to be right with order and perfection but art is not perfection its up to the eyes on the beholder to decide

  • Art is awesome!!!!

    Visual arts is fun more than music. For music when the teacher tells you to play you have to but for art is all about being creative and thinking outside of the box. With art there aren't any exams but with music there is theory and so many music test.

  • Art is better!!

    Take it from me I take BOTH and I love art so much better! Music does nothing but takes up half your time with practice and art just as long as you do it you get a A. I am planning on quitting music for art. My final opinion ART IS BETTER!

  • ᎪᏒᏆ Ꭵs bᎬᏆᏆᎬᏒ!

    There's no argument. Art is better than music. Art does show emotions and much more than music does. If you use sharp edges and red in a drawing it makes you mad without even thinking of it. You can make someone happy just with colors. Art doesn't involve frustration, or loads of practice and practice and practice. Who wants to sit in a room all day hearing the same notes you play wrong over and over again? Art can have practice but the thing is art practice is fun. Drawing, creating new things. Little kids are in fact artists! There's defiantly not as much judging in art than music. If your gonna go up on stage and miss every note, then people are not gonna like you are the art (music is a type of ART). Making a project is your own, you put your own emotions and meaning in the project with out even thinking of it. Art has so much you can do in it. There's painting artists, or drawing ,sculpting, clothing designs, etc. Everything is art. Art is better than music any day. 👊🎨

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TheRealistRepublican says2013-07-01T18:19:58.640
They both go hand in hand. Art is music for the eyes, and music is art for the ears.