Which is better: Plants vs. Zombies (yes) or Minecraft (no)?

  • Plants vs Zombies is AWESOME

    Plant vs Zombies is a much less violent game than minecraft. That game is really fun! You got all of those awesome, strange plants fighting against against hungry zombies. Who does not like Plants vs Zombies? And what is minecraft, anyway? Why do you need diamond swords when you have defensive plants?

  • It is the best game ever

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  • It is the best game ever

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  • Plants vs. Zombies is better

    Minecraft is weird because there are sheep
    P.S. You are a sheep

    plant vs. Zombies is better because they have a lot of different games including Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 which is awesome even though I don't have it yet. Does anybody like turtles here because they are like Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

  • The pvz franchise is more popular

    Theres pvz 1 pvz2 pvz garden warfare pvz garden warfare 2 . The Japanese have also made heaps of other versions like plants vs monsters. There are even comic books of it.. By the way, pvz was made before minecraft. PVZ-2007 Minecraft-beta 2011 (the whole game wasn't released until later on) Minecraft is only more popular in places like America and English speaking counrtries. Pvz is world wide.(especially japan :} )

  • What's the point?

    What's the point in Minecraft? Is it like Survival or something? Plants vs Zombies has a challenge, a point, a reason.And anyways it's way more realtized so yeah... And it's way way more creative and stratized layout planning and lots lots more. Cool zombes too peashooter i mean seriously guys

  • It's a great game!

    Usually, when it's plants vs zombies vs something else, I would choose plants vs zombies. But when it's plants vs zombies vs minecraft, I'm going have to say honestly, minecraft is better! I know some of you other minecrafers, and well plants vs zombiers, think minecraft is too violent. REALITY CHECK! People kill animals EVERY DAY and people kill other people EVERY DAY! That's what war is! And there is not even BLOOD in this game! It's the best 3-D game I know, and honestly, it's a great game :) wether you like playing by yourself, or with others, minecraft is a game that a lot of people enjoy playing!

  • Don't even talk about because I think you know the answer

    A million times mine craft, look at how creative it is, I mean you can build adventure maps, have awesome worlds that everyone can play on. Who cares about plants vs. Zombies, I mean I've got the game, u play level after level after level oh Zen garden, continue level after level. Its so boring mine craft, play, explore caves, meet new people and have a journey. MINECRAFT IS WAY BETTER!!!!! Trust me everyone knows that.

  • Want to argue with minecraft?

    Minecraft has around probably before plants vs zombies. Minecraft is a game of endless possibilities and can extend a person's mind. You can literally build everything you want. From a small house all the way to an automatic building village. Minecraft is much more popular than plants vs zombies. Think about it... Notch has been said to be one of the most influential person on the world. Why? Because many people love minecraft and he created it. I am a minecraft fan. Most things i have are minecraft related. Wallpapers, accessories, toys, backgrounds, and other things. Without minecraft, i would not be the happy person as i would be today. I have increased my creativity by this game. :3

  • Minecraft is ultimately a more superior game.

    With Plants vs. Zombies you are confined to placing annoying disturbing looking plants in a garden to deter even more annoying disturbing looking zombies. However with Minecraft the possibilities are endless, and its also an addictive game (in a surprisingly good way) You can play Minecraft for several days if you pleased, however you can get about 10 minutes of satisfaction from Pants vs. Zombies before throwing the device your playing on across the room.

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