• Long hair, because cutting hair takes less time than growing it.

    And you can decide if you want to keep your long hair or cut it short.

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  • Depends - Are You Looking For Comfort or Attractiveness?

    Depends. Better in terms of what? Attractiveness or comfort?

    In general women look better with long hair and men look better with short hair. So for women long hair is better and men short hair is better.


    Generally short hair is more comfortable than long hair. So in terms of comfort short hair is better.

  • Depends on what you like

    If you like easily manageable hair, then short hair would be best. On the other hand, there are generally more hairstyle choices for long hair. So you can't really prove that one is better than the other in general. I personally love short hair for it's simplicity, but only on people other than me.

    It really just boils down to your personal opinion and preferences.

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