• Vampires are amazing

    Vampires are very strong, can run very fast, can fly, plus you don't have wait on a full moon to get your powers. You can also live for centuries and centuries. Plus you can make people do whatever you want. And you don't have to live eating people, you can eat animals.

  • From my understanding of Vampires, they are clearly superior.

    Immortality (but can die if they get tired of living), sex, magic, boosted powers, sociopath... Beats the Werewolf any day. I personally don't understand why people don't want to be vampires. All they do is drink blood and have fun.

    The Werewolf is essentially stupid when transformed. And I think they are in pain too.

  • Vampires beat werewolves

    The vampire is immortal, which is a major advantage. He doesn't need to wait for a full moon to use his powers, and the werewolf can't control himself when he transforms so he might just kill his best friend. Some vampires (in some canons) can turn into a bat. Some are pyrokinetics and telekenetics. He has supernatural speed and reflexes, and strength. Plus as a bonus they have Kate Beckinsale.

  • Vampires are eternal

    Vampires life are eternal they will never stop so you can always try to life again while with werewolves life just stops after some time.. Plus would you rather have a man or woman in your bed next to you than a dog really?! That is just weird dogs are to play with

  • Why werewolves are better

    They are very very strong with sharp claws and razor sharp teeth they can kill in a second and they are extremely agile and have great running g speeds. And in my opinion they are just more cool they can go into absolute fits of rage and become extremely strong and heal fast right.

  • Bc they are

    Vampires are faster than werewols which can make them faster to catch their prey. Also, vampires have amazing senses which makes them to counter attacks or even trach their prey. They have strong sense of smell and thats why they know how to track their prey especially humans. Thats all

  • Werewolf are better

    They can change at will and they don't lose control in d sight of blood and besides,,,in Dracula he was a vampire and was defeated by a werewolf,,,becus werewolf's lose control that's what make dem stronger and they can walk in day time BT without daylight ring vampires can't come out in d day

  • Werewolf are better

    They can change at will and they don't lose control in d sight of blood and besides,,,in Dracula he was a vampire and was defeated by a werewolf,,,becus werewolf's lose control that's what make dem stronger and they can walk in day time BT without daylight ring vampires can't come out in d day

  • Werewolves are way better

    Werewolves are better than vampires cause they are strong,fast,intelligent they heal and have cool powers and that don't just have to drink blood they can have other things for example meat and other things. All vampires can have I blood and sometimes they have to kill to get it I'm a werewolf and I think werewolves are great creatures. I have nothing against vampires.

  • Vampires do remeber

    Really if u guys think that werewolfs are better than vampires ...Werewolves don't remember who they have killed it can be anyone whom he/she loved or hated while vampires can take their revenge from each of them in centuries waiting werewolfs always seem to be on pain but vampires not...

  • Better is a relative term.

    Vampire definition according to Google: A corpse that leaves it's grave to drink the blood of the living.
    Werewolf definition: A person who turns into a wolf under the full moon.

    To begin with, vampires are not immortal. Logically they would decay into dirt after a long time in a grave...Not to mention that they can be killed by a wooden stake, extended time spent in sunlight or holy water. There are also many ways to repel them. So better as "being an efficient predator" is out of the vampire's grasp.

    Werewolves can be killed with a silver bullet but as a human they are as vulnerable as any other civilian. However they are naturally more physically powerful and would probably win in a fight.

    Also the werewolf has the ability to keep it's destructive tendencies in check by locking itself in a room prior to transformation.

    The only thing vampire's have over the werewolves is that they have a lot more intelligence then a wolf and that while it is a human the werewolf could be mistaken for food by a vampire... Really it's all very complicated but my vote goes to the werewolf.

  • Why I refuse to be an immortal corpse

    Who wants to be immortal? You get to be a life sized Plastic Barbie doll, never changing. All that sex? Oh yeah, STD's will love you forever. Want to watch those you love grow up and die? Every single one of them? If you claim you don't, you'll make friends soon enough and then watch them die. Hmmm.... Bloodlust? Drinking blood from the innocent sounds appetizing, especially to vegans and vegetarians. Oh, especially from humans who have fats clogging their arteries. Mmmm sounds gross. Let's also not forget the impossibility of vampires in science. A corpse running around with a working brain feeding on blood. Your brain is gone once you die never to come back. Also, what about blood types? Technically speaking, you would have to drink your blood type otherwise the body will reject the blood. To those who believe female vampires can be impregnated, you're wrong. A period is a sign from your body telling you that the body can become pregnant. The baby will feed off of the mother's food nutrients that she eats from food. A male vampire won't have any sperm for the female to get pregnant off of, especially one who is over 300 years old. Maybe when they just died, maybe. Another thing, necrophilia. Who wants to bang a dead body that should be rotting? Vampire sex crazy fans that's who. Basically humping a vampire means humping a corpse you dug out of the ground.

    Now werewolves aren't out of the picture either. However, I prefer having a wolf then a corpse.

  • Vampires can't fight

    Vampires are the living corpses of the undead, who, instead of giving back their bodies to the earth, fire, air or water and decomposing in the usual way, are animated by their own or another spirit to drink blood or draw energy, goodness or virtue from the living. Those who have been bitten and thus infected by a vampire become vampires themselves when they are dead. Vampires are thus predatory upon the life-energy of the living and have a vested interest in maintaining their own half-life by such methods.”“Vampires are not dashing, debonair or sexy. They are vile, twisted creatures damned to a living hell on earth through malevolence or misfortune. But the origin doesn’t matter, a vampire is a vampire and they are to be feared, hated and hunted like Jews in 1940s Germany.”

  • Were wolfs all the way

    Vampires have so many weaknesses like sun light, garlic, wooden stakes, and they can't come into houses without being invited, were wolfs can only die to silver or if they are in there human form. Were wolfs are also a lot cooler then vampires which is why they are better

  • Werewolves because of

    I hate vampires and don't want to live forever without a soul and I don't want to live forever as an evil blood sucking immortal creature of the night. Just stop reading twilight and other related things, that's why people thought they're good if they're actually evil if they were real.

  • All hail the wolves

    The werewolf is better for obvious reasons. The werewolf is stronger than the vampire and run for long distances. Granted, they do get tired. Vampires are immortal yes, but in many lores, so are werewolves! I love werewolves because they will lose control on the full moon which makes them even stronger, and plus, if you have a high willpower you can run from your friends and not kill them! I love werewolves and it will stay that way forever. All hail the wolves!!!!

  • Werewolves are better

    Werewolves are in fact better in my opinion because vampires have all these cool ass abilities but at the cost of their weaknesses such as vampires have only 5 weaknesses while Werewolves only have 3 to be exact vampires can be dark and wierd sometimes while Werewolves are spiritual and free like feeling to do what ever you want hell that's also other reasons why a werewolf would howl pluse vampires can be fast but only because of their size for Werewolves on the other hand are maybe much bigger and stronger pluse able to increase their senses also in my opinion Werewolves can grow stronger by the moon and feeding and since a werewolf is what spiritual when they kill their victims my guess is they absorb their souls for power which is why I say Werewolves are better than vampires

  • Werewolves for the win

    First of all Werewolves are just as strong as Vampires even in human form.Second werewolves would be twice as heathy as vampires.Vampiers are live corpses so they wouldn't have a working immune system.Third sucking blood can transfer disease.Werewolves would basically have some of the same powers but better.Over all that's just my opinion so if you like Vampiers good for you.

  • Werewolfs are better, because:

    Vampires are just gross, they die then come back alive from the dead, making them decomposed bodies. Also vampires are 1,000 years old yet they date 17 year old girls? WTF! Werewolfs have better diets than vampires because all vampires eat is blood, while werewolfs can eat human food and blend into society. Also If you where to touch a werewolf their skin is very warm and comforting. But if you touch a vampires, it is very cold and uncomfortable (which can be seen in TVD when Bonnie touches Stefans skin, she claims that he felt dark and cold.) Also remember, werewolfs take you to dinner and vampires MAKE YOU their dinner ;)

  • Vampires Have Horrible Weaknesses And Immortality Sucks

    When your a vampire your not exactly the "creepy crawler of the night" when you can be killed by garlic. Also, we could just stab you with a wooden stake or pour holy water on your head. Heck, just expose you to the sun! Werewolves, on the other hand, can only be killed by silver. Do you know how expensive silver is? And being an immortal vampire isn't fun at all... Especially when you have been living for 700 years and you can only come out at night. Vampires kill people and act like smug jerks while doing it and werewolves don't mean to do it. Teen Vampires are always creepy... Plus who wants to sparkle... When your a werewolf you can at least be a normal teen. Werewolves are more connected to nature, while vampires know they are murdering animals and suck the life out of them! I could list more... But I'm too lazy. Peace out

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Ragnar says2013-05-09T06:39:42.137
For future reference: This type of question should be written as 'Option A is better than Option B.' While there's a risk factor of "neither is superior," such is counter balanced by the unconscious urge to say yes to questions.