Which is better: Xbox 1 (yes) or PlayStation 4 (no)?

Asked by: exterdebator
  • Yes it is!

    Xbox one has many features that ps4 does not have. Such as voice command. Xbox one can also learn how to play like you. And even if you are offline, or your console is off, your console plays with your friends. So your friends can always play against your shadow. You can also multi task, like watching Netflix while playing a game. Xbox one has more bundles and exclusives than the ps4 does. The Xbox network is much better, hardly ever getting hacked, while the ps4 network almost always gets hacked. The Xbox one is also cheaper than the ps4.

  • Playstation 4 is way better then the Xbox one

    Playstation 4 is the best console you could ever own! It has a share play feature so u can play the game as if you own it which Xbox one doesn't have, another thing, playstation has grand turismo which Xbox doesn't have, ps4 also has a touch pad on the controller which Xbox doesn't have as well, so this is why the ps4 is better then the Xbox one

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