Which is harder: football (yes) or soccer (no)?

Asked by: STMAknight92
  • Football is harder

    Though soccer requires endurance it does not require being exceptionally strong. In football you have to exert all your energy on each play. Just because you think that a slide tackle a getting elbowed while the ref isn't looking that soccer is tougher, you would be wrong, because the fact that in football on each play you can hit someone as hard as you can without a thought about it. It can cause more injuries. I forget what site it was but it said that sense 1982 their has been around 111 fatalities due to football related injuries, and in soccer around 7. Football is overall harder and more dangerous.

  • Football is way harder

    In highschool football their are 300 lbs men trying their best to put u in the ground every couple of seconds . In soccer their are a bunch of sisses chasing at ball and trying to put a 10 inch ball into a 24 by 8 foot goal. For those that say football is for sisses , there have been plenty of people that have died playing the sport. The players wear all that gear for a reason.

  • Physical Demand; the closing case.

    A soccer can play a game, then go and play another one in an hour, its not that physically demanding. A football player plays a game and needs at least a day or two to recover and ice. As well as soccer players don't run THAT much... The midfielders do quite a bit of running, but the other players (ie. Defender, goalie, striker) mostly stand and wait for a play to develop

  • Football is much harder

    Football is dangerous and leads to multiple problems later in life. The hits are harder, the strategy is harder, and most of all the consequences of playing football are much worse. While it is harder to play professional football, as the talent pool is much larger, you can only be successful in football if you are a large muscular person

  • Football is much harder

    I have played both sports in the past. Football is much harder, the training is much more intense and from a physical aspect football is more difficult. Even though in football you aren't playing non stop not everyone is in soccer. When the ball is on the other side of the field the defense isn't always running around and the same thing goes for the offense. In football you are going at a all our sprint for about six seconds at a time. You are trying to push another person around who is as strong as you and maybe even stronger.

  • Football is much harder

    Not only is football more physically demanding but also more mentally demanding. I play football and if you don't play you can never understand all of the things that go into one football play. If one person on the field doesn't do their job nobody is going to get anywhere. Soccer is tiring from running but when you have to use full force and exert all of your muscle power it is very exhausting.

  • Football is a ton to learn

    All the coverages, the schemes, the offensive plays, what routs to run, curls, slants, pitch, option, the covers, the blitz , the line, everything depends, you got to learn the whole game, the blocking. The whole body use, you have to have a technique of using your body. You cant just butt ram someone... Have to use everything in your body correctly.

  • Definitely not soccer!!

    I play both and football is 10x as hard a soccer because you are getting hit full speed by people that are bigger and stronger than you the entire game and the practices are the hardest because you don't just work on technical stuff like soccer, you work on full speed hitting.\ and lots of weight training!

  • Soccer players have no padding while football players get all padding?

    Soccer players not only have endurance, strength, and the physicalness to handle it, but they also have no padding (expect for shingaurds) while football players wear padding all over there body, and fireball players only play for like 7 minutes before taking a break. Soccer players never stop playing ( unless a goal is scored) for a solid 45 minutes then a 5 minutes break then another 45 minutes half. Football players spend more time wondering what plays they are gonna run out of the 200 plays. While soccer players come up w things on the spot. The second they have the ball. So please tell me how soccer is not more physical, demanding, or harder than football.

  • Football is harder and this is why

    Yes soccer a tough sport don't get me wrong but football you need foot work arm work great vision and a great mind while soccer all you need is great feet work which is hard and vision football more of a team sport because with out you offensive linemen you offence doesn't go anywhere with out your qb you don't have a leader without running back you are force to throw with out wr your qb has no one to depend on and defense is like the same thing while in soccer you see players who do it all them self and football is a lot more dangerous

  • Football has only nine minutes of actual play in an average game.

    Nine minutes. The rest of the time is just a bunch idiots milling around on a field. The same guys don't even play offense and defense, so each individual player is getting around five minutes of actual activity per game. They have pads. They are allowed to block. Soccer requires a massive amount of endurance and more delicate skills.
    You want a REALLY hard game- try rugby. All of the endurance of soccer, the violence of football, all with no pads, no stopping the play, and no substitutions.

  • Soccer is harder!

    Soccer games are 90 minutes of running and thinking about many parts of the game. Football, on the other hand is a game in which the players get breaks every 30 seconds. Although both are challenging sports, soccer requires fitness, speed, and intelligence. Football does require speed and strength, but players get constant breaks to plan and recover. Soccer is a constant game that requires constant thinking and running. Overall, soccer is harder. Maybe the challenge of playing soccer is why it's the most popular sport n the world.

  • Soccer wins over football

    In football you do make plays and it is physical. But soccer your running for over a half hour to an hour , you have to dribble and and control and get past multiple players, have great endurance and be able to shoot and make it. There are just as many injuries in soccer as football and both are extremley aggressive

  • 90 Minutes & Barely Anytime To Think & Running Full Speed Until 45 Minutes For Halftime

    Soccer Is Way Harder Than Football , In Soccer You Have To Play 90 Minutes No Breaks Except For Halftime . The Average Soccer Player Runs ATLEAST 7 Miles A Game , & Thats Not Including Walking Or Jogging . Football You Run For About 7 Seconds & Take A 45 Second Break After Every Play & Then Your Special Teams Come Out Then Your Defense Them Finally You Can Play . Soccer Is Way Harder No Doubt About It .

  • Soccer definitely is the hardest

    Soccer requires you to run a lot more and requires more skills while in football all it really is, is running to the other side of the field. I've played and watched football it kinda just is and looks so easy. All you really have to do in football is be muscular and willing to run a few yards. There's constant breaks so nobody ever really gets tired. While in soccer you play 90 minutes with one break. So, while football requires more muscle soccer requires more, we'll everything (to name a few) endurance, speed, intelligence, etc.

  • Soccer is hard.

    Soccer is harder because we only where protection on our shines, and shinguard's don't even help sometimes! Soccer takes a lot out of you running back and forth but its the best sport ever. Football is just a bunch of guys who tackle each other and do nothing, football sucks.

  • No, I think soccer is harder than football.

    Although both soccer and football are physically taxing sports, I find soccer to be much more difficult. Football relies on short bursts of energy that provide immediate gratification through gained yardage, first downs, and scoring opportunities. Soccer, however, requires greater physical and mental endurance.
    In soccer, players must be capable of running and sprinting with few to no breaks and little to no immediate gratification. Throughout an entire game, a player's team may only score one goal for all the effort put into the soccer game. Any individual player will spend more of the game preventing the other team from scoring than they will participating in the scoring for their own team. Therefore, soccer is much more difficult both mentally and physically than football.

  • Football is harder than soccer

    In Soccer you dont get hit but those soccer players on a football field and you got some bruised up people. Because soccer is not a violent sport in soccer yea you barely rest but your not getting constantly hit every play smart ones. In Football you get hit, and to play football you have to have balls to get angry and hit people football is not a sport for people who cant not only just RUN LIKE IN SOCCER BUT GET HIT AND RUN.

  • Soccer is harder than football

    Football has only a couple people TRULY using athleticism at a time. Most of the players are tackling one another. In soccer, ALL players are moving all the time. Soccer requires agility, athleticism, and mental intelligence. You also need to be fit to be in soccer, while in football you can be 300 pounds and be a defensemen.

  • Soccer is harder

    Soccer is a game were you are moving at full speed dribbling a ball, in football you are holding a ball and running. And I know alot of soccer players who can play football I dont know any football players that are capable of playing soccer. Soccer is harder than football!

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