Which is more cooler -- things built for efficiency (yes) or things done in beauty (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • The ones that are cheaper

    Tend to be a little bit more cool and daring. Beautiful stuff can get boring after awhile. The Old World, for instance, can easily get very boring after being there for a while. Living in America tends to be more awesome because we're not stuck in the Old World mentality that easily.

  • Aesthetics trumps Efficiency:

    All things equal and being practical who buys an ugly car, ugly house, or ugly pet just because they are "sufficient"? Efficiency means nothing without being aesthetic; form has almost always triumphed over function (thus why we have clothing fashions and art as a species) since that beautiful golden spiraling wonder of a paperweight is equivalent to a dirty little rock outside that would cost no time, no effort, and no energy to really replace the sculpture.

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