Which is more important: love (yes) or money (no)?

  • Love is more important.

    Love is much more important then money is. As the old saying goes, "You can not buy happiness'". There is a reason that it is a saying, and that is because it is true. Most rich people who have not found love will tell you that they would trade it all for love.

  • Love Beats Money

    Love is far more important than money. Of course, we need money in order to survive, but a rich person without love is a lonely person. Humans are naturally social creatures and need to be loved by one another. A person without love is at a huge disadvantage in society.

  • Love is more important.

    Love is more important. Money is not as important because it will come and go but if you are lucky then love will never go away. It is more important in life at least to me to value people and love the ones that are in my life. Money is not that important.

  • I Vote For Love

    I believe that love is more important that money, everyday, all day. Money is great to have, but hard to come by for some us. I will never have a lot of money, but I can seek out and find love regardless of my financial situation. Love makes me feel happy.

  • Yes And No

    Love is important for an individual because a partnership with another man/woman would make each other happier with their life (provided their relationship is strong) than if they were separate, and they are healthier, too. Humans seek and desire to have strong bonds with others, and without this, a person's mood can change, and can even possibly develop depression.

    That being said, in a capitalistic government, money is everything. You use money to acquire the items you need to live. Without money, alone it is extremely difficult to survive. Capitalism doesn't care if you're in love or not; without money, you cannot legally buy food, water, a house, etc. The people that make the most money come out on top of others. Now, this doesn't mean that the people who make more money than others are better, or that if you don't make as much money, you're lower in society. But if you look at this objectively, the more money you make, the more successful you are. And in a capitalistic economy, money is more important than love.

  • Money can buy you love.

    People like to think that money can not buy happiness but this is just not true. If you have a ton of money you can literally do whatever you would like. Think about that, tomorrow you wanted to go to Cancun, done. With love you have someone to spend your time with, but is that time worth anything?

  • Money in not everything, but without money, you can't do anything.

    We are living in a cruel society, pities are not the solution to life. Without money how are you going to survive under this mordern world where you will die in varies reasons. Money just papers, but this piece of paper is a decision of live or death: it is so powerful that you can't imagine yourself watching tons of people walking out the groceries store with food that you would fight to death for; seeing people of your age shopping in the mall, trying out new outfits, looking pretty and fashion, and you have nothing but empty pockets; or even when it rain or snow, where thunder flashed and bombed across the sky, and yet you have nothing but to stand in the cold with fears and wondering where you would end up tomorrow. On the other hand, love is important, it develop maturity, it totally influence people with hope and happiness. Sadly, how ever, without money everything seems hopeless, love won't help you live, but "a piece of paper" is so powerful that it can be a sharp knife that can harm you. And last to end my opinion, "are you that thirsty"

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