Which is more important: the sanctity of life (yes) or the quality of life (no)?

  • Sanctity of life

    Sanctity of life as sometimes committing suicide because of your quality of life goes against the categorical imperative, as by killing yourself you are saying that killing should be universalised, which is not the case. Ending our own life would be using ourselves as a means to an end, which is wrong.

  • Sanctity is more reliable

    Sanctity of Life is a measure of how sacred we are, having been made by God. It can be used to argue against abortions, suicide, euthanasia and much more, which is why it is so important. ‘Let us make man’ Genesis 1:26 shows that God is our Creator so we should respect him. We also have a responsibility on this earth, ‘Let them rule over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, over the livestock, and all the earth, and over every creature that moves along the ground’ Genesis 1:26. We have dominion over the world as God has placed us in charge. This is so important as it proves how important we are as the human race, not individually like Quality of Life does. We are made in the image of God, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness’ Genesis 1:16. God made us to be like him, which shows again how precious we are and how we differ from animals. He chose us to be special and show him glory through the way we live our lives. ‘Do you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s spirit lives inside you’ 1 Corinthians 3:16 shows that we are special and have God’s spirit inside us. This is a powerful argument as it can prove that we must not harm others and ourselves as this is the same as hurting God. We also have a purpose on earth, ‘Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart, I appointed you as a prophet to the nations’ Jeremiah 1:5. God appointed each human before they were born to have a role on this earth and this is a strong argument to prove our reason for existence.

    Quality of Life is unreliable as it is constantly changing so we might make bad decisions based on one day e.g. suicide. However, the next day there might be a cure for a disease or something has made you happy which changes the quality of life. It is dangerous to decide something based on an ever-changing feeling.

    I believe that Sanctity of Life is more important as we are made by God and are sacred because of this. By being unhappy and hurting ourselves we are disrespecting God. Quality of Life can change throughout, so we should not make a decision based on one measurement as the next day it might change. However, Sanctity of Life is constant and a high measure of our purpose on earth. No matter how unhappy our life is, we should try and fulfil it for the glory of God.

  • Sanctity of life

    The sanctity of life is more important than the quality of life, because the people who are for abortion have already been born. Each person should be given the chance to have a life, because they might be able to make it better than the circumstances that they were born into.

  • Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness

    When legislatures, the doctors, nurses can decide your quality of life is such that you should be denied medical care or fluids and sent to a death institute called "hospice" to hasten your death, then we have lost our God given right of free will to chose of life and our freedom to choose to live regardless of our physical pain or disabilities. As my late husband said, "If you are able to know and love God, you have quality of life."

  • Sanctity of life is more important as quality of life just justifies sin and an 'Easy way out.'

    God gave humans life, free will and the choice to either live a life following Jesus's footsteps or to ignore them and go to hell.
    If we decide to end our life because it is not good enough then we have disrespected what God has given us, therefore we do not deserve a place in heaven.
    The quality of life argument justifies murder which is against the ten commandments in Christianity as abortion and euthanasia is accepted.

  • The who;e basis of Sanctity of Life is IMAGO DEI

    Considering life and the human being in that image of God throws light on the whole argument...That is we are created according to a Divine plan, that takes man and woman beyond this life which is simply a journey of a pilgrim. Imagine travelling by bus to destination B and you fall in love of luxury with the bus seat ...That is how incredulous is the excessive stress on Quality of Life,

  • Definitely Sanctity of Life

    Human beings have been individually created by God and derive their integrity and worth from the fact that they are made on the image of God. A sane rational human being helps others and NOT destroy or kill them, with the excuse that they do not have a quality life!! That's a very good excuse.......... For those that do not want to either take care of them or spend medication on them.

  • The Diamond in the Rough

    Many believe that quality of life is so important because it is bad to be in agonizing pain, or grow up in a difficult state or simply if one cease to function. So we should put them out of there misery or let them do it themselves. You know I can understand why. But it is through difficulty that one can find quality of life. A Diamond is a highly valued object in are world. It takes Extreme pressure and temperature to form it. But then it is in cased in rock and it takes large sums of money to extract it from the earth and the rock, then once extracted it looks rough and not shiny and nice, somebody has to take great care to remove the Rough and cut the diamond into the desire form. Then some one has to take great care to seat it into a ring or other jewelry that people highly value. You will find many people in difficult situations just quits because it is painful just to continue. But then you will find others who have went through the same problems, the same pain and many times it takes love and care of others but once they have made it through they appreciate the small things and then they have more quality then any others who have not been through those problems. People have re awoke from comas, people have lived longer than they are predicted to live. People had received debilitating injuries and learn to make the most of it and there are people who have grown up in a harsh life and become public speakers on getting through tough times. It take love and care but people should be worth are love and care and not just there grave.

  • Definitely sanctity of life

    Is it fair if you have a life yet you think it is ok to throw away another?
    No. Some people argue that there is no point keeping a person alive if they are in a vegetative state but the real truth is that there is always a chance they will survive. If you suddenly fell into a deep coma, how would you feel if somebody decided to switch the machine off?

  • The sanctity of life wins.

    Every life deserves to have the chance to become the best it can be. We should be helping others with that goal. A person's best does not have to meet YOUR definition of best.

    If the quality of life becomes more important in our filthy, culture of rot, we will see more and more murders of not only babies, but the elderly, the sick, the slow minded, the handicapped, and even under-achievers or undesirable races. It will lead to any life being snuffed out when some idiot decides another life's quality doesn't meet the standard. WAKE UP people!

  • Quality of life is more important than sanctity of life

    Quality of life is more important than sanctity of life. This is because of the fact that life without quality isn't worth living in most cases. Quality over quantity is very much the case. A good example of this is when the fact that we're overpopulated, but most of us are suffering.

  • Quality over sanctity any day.

    I would choose the quality of life over the sanctity of it any day. What good is living if you're a brain dead patient in a vegetative state? How is that benefiting anyone? The sanctity proponents also seem to forget that medical advances prolonging the lives of such people essentially go against God's will that they die.

  • Sanctity of Life

    The term, sanctity of life, can mean many different things to many different people and there is not a common, nailed down definition of what the "sanctity of life" really refers to. That makes it really difficult to compare it to the quality of life, since that is a well defined term that most people will identify with right away. While quality of life can vary quite dramatically, it is more important than the sanctity of life simply because it has a stronger, more universal definition.

  • Quality over sanctity

    I will always prefer quality of life over sanctity of life.. Sanctity of life is a religion-driven idea which is totally based on the notion that God wants you to live no matter what, if it is so God is the most responsible entity to blame,he has been ruining the sanctity of life for centuries. People are dying because of horrible diseases, dying in bomb blasts, children are dying because of cancer etc so it it God's plan? So where's the sanctity? Sanctity of live is a buzzword used by religious people.
    On the other hand quality of life is somehow entirely human made idea, there could be so many problems & biases with humans but we can't deny that humans have made our lives better & better by every decade. Science, technology, medical advancements made us to respect & cherish our lives. Due to idea of quality of life now we can live a more sanctify life otherwise there's only suffering.

  • Quality of life makes life so valuable.

    Life is what we make of it. One of quality is, yes, worth living, however one of pain is often not. We recognize life as being a wonderful thing, however we measure not it but the things that make it so wonderful. Sanctity of life can not be compared. .

  • Life of pain and suffering or relief and peacefulness

    I believe that the quality of life out ways the sanctity life, as what is the value in life if one can not do either of the following, care for themselves and do not wish to live if they are unable to move or do the basic essentials of life, like feeding yourself, showering and going to the toilet or live a purposeful life without pain and suffering. What value is life if you can't do anything.

  • Quality of Life

    I personally believe that the quality of life is far more important that the Sanctity of Life, because the Sanctity of Life is a religious point, and many people nowadays are Atheists, meaning that they would not necessarily believe in the Sanctity of Life. However, the Quality of Life is not a religious view, meaning that many more people can abide by it. As well as this, there is no point in living a depressing life when you could be living in a heaven-like state!

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  • Quality of life is more important than sanctity of life

    If you take both arguments to the extreme:
    Someone lives for 100 years, but hates it the whole time, then that is what most people will consider hell.
    If someone lives for 10 years, but loves every second of it and is happy and consenting to their death, then they are what most people will consider to be in heaven.
    That is why quality is more valued that sanctity of life.

  • The quality of life is better than sanctity of life

    What is the point of living if happiness is not the main point in life everyone needs happiness in there life everyone experience happiness it is true xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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