Which is the better comedy: Friends (yes) or How I Met Your Mother (no)?

  • It's pretty obvious.

    How i Met Your Mother is basically just a failed remake of Friends. I mean seriously, look at that guy on the yes team's response with all the similarities. HIMYM can try to copy Friends all they want, but they will never be half as good as Friends was. Besides, it's been a whole bunch of seasons and we STILL don't know who this mysterious "mother" is. Finally, HIMYM has a lot of dirty jokes that usually mostly only dirty-minded adults can like. However, Friends had jokes and funny situations that even kids could laugh at, and not just adults.

  • FRIENDS- one of the best comedy t.V. Shows ever.

    I dislike the actors- Jennifer Aniston is overrated. But I have to admit the show is very funny. I thought I'd give How I met Your Mother a try, but it did not make me laugh at all. I guess everyone has their own idea of ''funny''. Every episode makes me laugh.

  • It came first and well the other is a copy

    Well here are the similarities:
    "Group of friends from New York City"
    "They always hang out at the same place and drink"
    "Rarely go to work"
    "Pilot episode, romantic guy falls for hot new girl who doesn't like him back"
    "Eventually in the next season they get together"
    "They date for a year and break up"
    "They hook up regularly over the years"
    "The romantic guy has a fairly geeky job"
    "Then he becomes a professor in his field later on"
    "The ladies man/womanizer guy"
    "A couple that gets married"
    "The womanizer guy performs the ceremony"
    Haww! Fully copy cat.

  • Friends is better.

    Because, How I Met Your Mother is a story about the whole life of a man trying to find a wife, I could tell that story in 3 seconds. I like Friends because not only is it entertaining, but the characters are very interesting. Joe, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, and who doesn't enjoy watching sweet Ross.

  • I like it better.

    I think Friends is better. I find it more enjoyable. It doesn't have a character who can be described by a word starting with the letter d and ending in "bag" who goes around harassing women, for one. That one thing makes me like Friends better. Also, I find Friends more entertaining.

  • I like it better.

    I think Friends is better. I find it more enjoyable. It doesn't have a character who can be described by a word starting with the letter d and ending in "bag" who goes around harassing women, for one. That one thing makes me like Friends better. Also, I find Friends more entertaining.

  • Friends was about all the characters

    Definitely Friends! Friends made you love ALL the characters and their stories, it was a true ensemble piece. You were invested in everything, from Joey's acting career, to Phoebe finding her family, Ross and Rachel's on-and-off relationship, Monica and Chandler falling in love. They acted as a group and trusted each other. HIMYM was mostly about Ted and now all about Barney. It's funny, but it doesn't have the same dynamic Friends did. Friends was a classic because of how the gang cared about each other and you cared about them. HIMYM has good storylines and plot twists but not as good characters.

  • Friends all the way!

    Friends is the story of 6 friends who are given equal importance throughout the 10 years of the show. The show features love and disappointment in a way never dealt with before. But HIMYM mostly lost its charm with the very repetitive dialogues and all the stress is now on Barney though the show was supposed to be about Ted. Even the concept of the mystery woman is now lost as they stretched it too long.

  • Simply Better. No Question.

    Friends is the original. HIMYM... Well, there's having influences, and then there's straight-out copying. HIMYM definitely falls into the latter category. Friends deals with real life issues- think Monica and Chandler's issues with having kids, Ross and Rachel's on and off relationship, Phoebe's quest to discover her family, Rachel's unplanned pregnancy- AND makes you laugh. When you consider what's actually happening in HIMYM- the whole show is, after all, Ted telling his kids the detailed story of his sex life and relationships in his younger years; how many parents do you know that would do that?- then Friends may even be more realistic. The characters are lovable and relatable, and over the course of the series you get watch the characters grow and mature and learn things from the many experiences you've gotten to go through with them. Though Joey dates many women, he's not a womanizing pig like Barney. Sure, HIMYM is a good show- it's funny and the characters are likable. But Friends is better, hands down. It's funny, and you actually care about what happens to the characters. Every character is important in Friends, but not so much in HIMYM. In Friends, you get to see several storylines and plot twists, but in HIMYM you really only focus on one thing, one question: who is the mother? Ultimately, I find Friends to be the much better show.

  • Friends is the best Serial

    I have watched both of the serial and according to my opinion Friends is the better one. Throughout the HIMYM they have just try to figure out "who is the mom". Also, Friends is a lot funnier than HIMYM. Whenever I watched any episode of Friends it made me laugh with tears but HIMYM couldn't get my attention. HIMYM is just a fail copy of Friends. THAT'S IT.

  • Friends forced laughter, How I Met Your Mother earned it

    It is much smoother without coming across like a polished turd. Also, the HIMYM actors' comedic timing is infinitely better. Yes HIMYM is clearly influenced from Friends, but every creation ever has its influences, including the greatest. Couple all this with far superior backing music and canned laughter, HIMYM wins.

  • No, Friends is not better than How I Met Your Mother.

    How I Met Your Mother is better than Friends because it is a more current comedy. While long running classics are nice, more recent, up-to-date shows are better. Current shows can reference current events and people find humor in that. It is also better to look forward to new episodes every week.

  • Not Friends, but Mother.

    Although I grew up with Friends and I enjoyed and still enjoy the writing of the show, my son got me onto How I Met Your Mother, and I just think that "Mother" is a much more creative, well put together show that will stand the test of time as well as, if not better than, Friends.

  • Surrealism and maturity

    The lack of surrealism in Friends
    the real-life problems adressed in How I Met Your Mother are much more complex and maturely presented
    the characters of How I Met Your Mother are much more authentic, loveable, being at the same time more crazy (good crazy)
    the friendship between all characters of HIMYM is far more genuine

  • Let's get real here..

    How I met Your Mother is so amazing because you go on this journey with Ted Mosby and it just kills you inside trying to figure out who the mother is and how all of these relationships work out. Sure Friends has it twist and turns in relationships too but it is nothing compared to How I Met Your Mother. They have funny jokes thats only adults can get and relate too. I personally have seen HIMYM too many times yet Im not sick of it. Friends is a good show but HIMYM is even better!

  • HIMYM was more complex and realistic

    Friends is a great show, but sometimes it seems like a fairytale. Real life issues are sorta pushed aside, and everyone always gets along and there are no real complex emotions attached to the characters. I'm HIMYM ted experiences so much heartbreak and self evaluation, robin experiences loneliness and doubt, Barney experiences emptiness and sadness. There are all these emotions and yet the show STILL makes you laugh! There's slapsgicing, barneys playbook, robin sparkled, and so many funny things that make it such an interesting show. Bottom line, if you want to laugh watch Friends. If you want to laugh, think, and cry watch HIMYM

  • I think they are both good

    But i really like how i met your mother, friends is nice, but i really think that how i met your mother is better than friends! SHow i met your mother is nicer than friends, because there is no phoebe, who isnt that funny as other people, she is-nt funny

  • How I met your mother is the best sitcom.

    I never found Friends as interesting as HIMYM. While watching friends I never felt the urge to download the next season. Honestly I have only watched it till the 8th season.
    Himym was an addiction. I guess I have watched almost all the seasons 3 times. It explores so many dimensions and that's the beauty of HIMYM.
    Barney Stinson> Friends.
    Enough said.

  • How I Met Your Mother had emotional punch

    HIMYM had the ability to make you feel the pain of the characters (Marshal's dads death, Ted's pain when Robin gets engaged, etc...). Sure friends had its emotional moments but they were nothing compared to HIMYM's emotional moments. Also sure HIMYM copied stuff from friends but it almost always did it better, besides why waste all that money on coffee when theres whiskey.

  • HIMYM is better.

    Yes, both of them are focused on comedy and both are very alike which proves why some people say that HIMYM copied F.R.I.E.N.D.S but HIMYM stood out. During its last season, it was clear to see that HIMYM was very well planned with all the shots they took from the beginning of the series for the ending.

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