Which is the better comic book company: Marvel (yes) or DC (no)?

Asked by: PatriotPerson
  • Marvel has better characters

    Marvel actually has character development. They also have better back stories that interact with their characters more than DC's do. Marvels characters have more weakness that must be countered. DC characters have a very small amount of things they are weak to. These objects/materials inevitably come back time after time due to them being the only thing DC's (simple) villains can use.

  • It's definitely Marvel.

    I prefer Marvel because I think Marvel stories are more interesting. DC has too many gods and god-like beings and multiverses and blah blah blah to keep me interested. To me, the only interesting story from the last few years of DC comics has been in Batman comics

    It Stan Lee adds the true flavor and heart to this company. So many good (flawed) and relatable characters, although DC is slowly catching on to this formula.

  • Marvel is the best

    Marvel is the best and every one knows it yes they do
    MAY U LIVE LONGG MARVEL!!"!!!!!!, ! ! ! ! ! !
    Marvel have better comic books than DC

  • Yeah probably Marvel

    While I love DC comics as much as any nerd, Marvel has well executed their stories with gusto and many people, me included, love them. That, and Spider-Man is my favorite superhero. I love Batman and Superman, but Peter is the every man. That is what makes me love Marvel.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • DC no question

    I think DC is better than marvel I feel DC characters are more action packed and thrilling while marvel is action packed for more of little kids like kind of kiddish style to enjoy, not saying DC isn't for kids I just feel that DC is just very epic and more of a serious concept for more than just little kids to enjoy and most characters on DC have interesting stories and awesome powers!!!

  • Spoderman may be good, but Badman is better!

    Now, each side has a lo of good points about each other. Marvel has lots of interesting characters that each go differently about themselves. However DC is a lot less confusing and knows what teamwork is without brawling it out like we are in SSB and that they have no lives except for the fandom.

  • It's In Their Efforts.

    DC is a better company because Marvel tries too hard. In addition, Marvel's fight scenes are so fast that they don't make enough involvement with the characters. DC, however, has lots of visual effects to make the slower fights more interesting. DC also uses the basic things we'd think were creepy if seen in person (a man with a clock head, for instance) to design the supervillains' costumes, while Marvel relies too heavily on mutations to make the bad guys look scary.

  • Marvel is for kids

    Marvel can not compare to the like of DC . One there is better storyline for a start. Come on compare R.I.P batman to Spiderman. Come one. Also if you go out and ask a kid what is his or hers favourite super hero is will be from marvel origins . Because it is marketed to kids will go for the more bright colours than the dark. Also we don't sell our storyline out for a younger stupider audience.

    Batman Arkham origins nuff said

  • DC is the clear winner

    DC has much better characters than Marvel who makes a million characters and tries to throw them all at you hoping that one of them catches your attention. Think about it, the two best known superheroes, Superman and Batman, are both DC characters. DC also kicked off the Silver age of Comic Books, without which you probably wouldn't have all of the characters that you now know, so even if you think Marvel has better characters, if DC hadn't kicked off the Silver Age of Comic Books, then you wouldn't have had Marvel comic books to see.

  • I think DC is better.

    I think that DC is better for many reasons. First of all, DC's characters are classic and are easier to relatwe to (at least for me), and DC's heroes are more popular than Marvel's. Superman and Batman are most likely the two most well-known superheroes ever created. So yeah, bye.

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Anonymous says2013-06-27T02:02:37.643
I love both. I love Spider-Man and I love Batman. I mean yeah, I can't resist Deathstroke, but we have Deadpool even though both guys have a same surname. Both companies did ripoff each other for some quite time.