• Burping is the worst

    Burping comes in many different smells and it let's you know or reminds you of what the person had to eat beforehand but corrupts the smell because it just came out of the person's GI system. If they didn't brush their teeth before then it is twice as bad but even brushing teeth and burping the faint mixture of toothpaste and their food makes it even more gross. Farting usually comes out in one or three smells so it can easily be forgotten. Burping is the least excusable.

  • It's about your ability to control it.

    Farts are difficult to control. Your anal sphincter isn't as voluntary as your esophagus or mouth. It's difficult to hold in a fart and make it subtle or even silent.

    Burping on the other hand is entirely controllable (save for some medical conditions who h CAN be treated y'all). It's 110% possible to burp silently. There are like 4 people who have ever heard me belch out loud as an adult, and all of those were slips. You can loosen your pharynx and keel you're mouth closed, and the burp will be silent. If I can control it, you can too.

  • Burps are disgusting

    The star ate the bug and the star got eaten by a duck and so the moon screamed at the duck and then the moon gobbled up the duck and so the fart stank up the moon and so the moon turned into dust and the fart laughed all day

  • Burps are easier to control

    Farts are often sneaky and really hard to conceal or control. You can't chance how loud the will be, and no matter how hard you try they will burst out eventually. Burps can be done with the mouth closed into the hand, or controlled altogether. Farts are more likely to be accidents that couldn't be prevented, but burps are done consciously.

  • You communicate with your mouth not your butt!

    We use our mouths to talk, we don't talk out of our butts despite the popular saying. It is socially acceptable to eat in public but not take a dump in public. And unless you live in a culture where burkas are worn, we don't cover our faces. Bottoms are covered (minus those that think it's cute to hang them out the bottom of shorts or skirts and those that sag their pants (and given the amount of people who get disgusted by that, it's still a social faux pas), people keep it covered. We kiss with our mouths not our rear ends. So how can a burp be worse than a fart? It's not!

  • Burping feels so good

    Americans burp the loudest out of all countries because here people think burping is funny and the louder you can burp and the longer you can burp and changing up the way you burp makes your body feel good, everyone does it- no need to be ashamed keep on burping America!

  • It's all about the blast radius.

    Both farts and burps can smell terrible, but farts are much harder to escape. The impact radius of a fart can be 10 feet or more, and it can linger for 30 seconds. The impact radius of a burp is rarely more than 2 feet, and if you're not there within 5 seconds of impact, you'll never know it happened.

  • Stinky and toxic

    Farts are toxic and they stink especially if they come from people who eat a lot of fruit it's just bloody defeaning it's f*cking torture like seriously why fart under other people noses get a life sick bastards. Ughghhghh so gross i can't even cope anymore i cannot cope !!

  • Farting is far worst

    At school, all the kids like to burp and think it's funny, when some one farts it's just plain awkward and gross. When some one farts their embarrassed and deny it if anyone asks. Most people would find it very rude to fart in public, but it's more understandable with a burp maybe you just had a big meal or drank a carbonated drink. It also helps that the burp isn't coming out of you ass.

  • It tortures everyone

    When someone burps, the only person who has to deal with the gross smell is themselves. When someone farts then everybody has to suffer from the awful smell.

    Also burping seems to be far more socially acceptable than farting. Some people deliberately let the burps rip as loud as they can but few people do this with farts.

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