Which part of the Oreo tastes better: the black part (yes) or the white part (no)?

  • White Part Has Little Flavor

    The white part of the Oreo has no flavor whatsoever, but adds a nice bit of softness to the hard chocolate part. The texture of the entire cookie together is fantastic and I can't have one without the other. The chocolate part is tastier because of the chocolate. The white part is soft and tender to balance out the crunch.

  • No, the white part makes the Oreo.

    Without the cream in the Oreo, I would never buy them. I often "share" my double stuffed with my cat, giving her one of the brown sides from each cookie thus turning my 2 double stuffed into a quadruple stuffed Oreo. I even found a recipe for a cake/brownie icing that tastes just like the Oreo cream filling. I make a double recipe whenever I'm using it on baked goods just to have a bowl of Oreo cream to eat by the spoonful!

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