Which type of gaming is better in your opinion, PC or Console? Why? Yes for PC, No for Console

Asked by: Isasune
  • PC - The truth

    Most of the people here don't have a clue what they are talking about so lets just do a list of pros and cons from someone who built their own £1200 gaming PC.
    1) Better graphics, hands down, no contest, don't try.
    2) If you know how to take care of one, they have less problems, my xBox 360 had more issues then my PC.
    3) Games are cheaper (despite what others say), if you know where to go, you can just download which is cheaper as there is no packing/shipping costs (and many other reasons and yes, it is very legal!)
    4) Easier to upgrade and once you have built it, cheaper to maintain, when the next gen consoles come out, you don't have to spend £600 on a new console, just do a few upgrades.
    5) Much more choice of accessories, peripherals and so-on.
    6) More games, MMO's, RTS, FPS, you name it, there are more on PC then any other console and a lot are free-to-play
    7) You can do more with them, they are not just consoles, they are media centres, internet browsers, work stations, what can't they do?
    8) Mouse and keyboard players tend to be better then controller players at FPS games, now you console players will disagree but only because you haven't spend a week practising on.
    9) If your console blows up, you need to send it in to get repaired which takes weeks and costs you a small fortune, if something goes in your PC you just replace it yourself and your back up and running in 2/3 days (or bring it to a PC repair shop which is still a lot cheaper then console repairs.

    1) Initially, PC's are more expensive (but cheaper in the long run)
    2) Not as portable, they are not as easy to unplug and bring to a mates for a night of gaming
    3) There are some games you cannot get, the reason I still have an xBox 360 is because I love Froza, Halo, Final Fantasy, all of which you cannot play on PC
    4).... No, that it is, 3 cons, 1 of which is pointless because although it is more expensive to go and build/buy a gaming PC, you will save a lot of money on games, upgrades, repairs.

  • Why PC is way better then console at ANYTHING!!!!

    1. PC is the original so it had more time to advance in graphics and game play. 2. You can connect any controller to your PC gaming console you cant and you can set your PC to your settings for your liking. 3. PC can do a lot of other task simultaneously. 4. You will never have to buy a new console for years and you can buy a charger to charge your stuff on PC and play for ages without having to buy new batteries.

  • Hardware vs. Convenience

    PC hands down has better graphics, frame speed, and responsiveness because the crazy gaming computers you can buy/build with huge processors, and top of line video cards. The true experience game-play and graphics wise is on PC, hands down. However there is the convenience of console gaming, with no download files that can get corrupted, the ergonomic controllers vs. Keyboards (I'm aware many PC gamers have controllers). Less hacked connections/lobbies (even though console servers are unreliable and glitchy). Over all PC is better, but for none serious gamers it can be a bit daunting navigating all the downloads, settings, and technical aspects of PC gaming.

  • It's no contest.

    PC's are the better gaming platform. And you can do something with a PC that you can't do with a console. You can upgrade it. I could build a decent gaming PC for the price of a gaming console. With upgrades, that PC will be good for several years. Beats buying a new console every few years. PC's also have a much better selection of games, many of them are free to play.

  • PC is easier because you already know how to click and press keys on a keyboard.

    Some gaming consoles cost a lot of money and having to buy games after that can be a pain to your wallet. For PC gaming, just download a game, done. Although some PC games cost a lot, they are generally somewhat cheaper than console games. You also can keep the PC game in a file where you cannot lose it, as for console games you can lose the case, disk, or the memory card/file itself.

  • PC Gaming all the way

    Don't get me wrong, I love consoles as well. From the WII, to the NES, PS2, I love it. However, the pros to PC gaming are more than for consoles.

    1.) Console Servers are usually incredibly glitchy, and on PC they tend to be more stable
    2.) In a FPS game, keyboard and mouse easily dominates a controller, allowing more free reign of movement and the hand
    3.) You're used to all the controls since you've already practiced typing and clicking certain buttons, retaining the memory already without even trying
    4.) The graphics are amazing on PC, something that can be lacking in a console
    5.) Games usually cost less

  • PC is easier and better. (My opinion of course)

    PC allows people to access games that are not available to consoles (Indie). There are multiple services where you may also purchase a game for -10% on the day it comes out, as opposed to full price for console. PCs can be upgraded, and can access the internet at the same time as you are playing a game. If you want to chat to a friend who doesn't have a console, you need to bring in a computer or a phone. With PC, you can have Skype (or other teamspeak-like things) on and working while you play a game with friends. You are also not region-locked in most cases, as games are usually downloaded. In my opinion PC gaming takes it up a notch from consoles.

  • PC tends to have a lot if issues.

    That might just be me, but the PC tends to be more vanurable to hackers, viruses, and lose of memory. Don't get me wrong, I love PC as much as the next guy, but console is much more convinet( if you don't have a laptop) and portable. This statement could be bias because I grew up with the original Play Station in my reach.

  • I prefer console

    But it depends what I'm playing. Single-player games like Fallout 3, PC is better. Multiplayer games like COD, the console is better. There are loads more people playing COD on consoles and full lobbies are easy to get (even on MW2), plus, I love my Scuf controller. Also the section of games on console is far greater. Having spent 8 years on Xbox, only dabbling occasionally with PC, I probably have an ingrained bias to console and haven't experienced everything the PC has to offer. I should probably try different games too. The only reason I got my PC in the first place was to play Age of Empires.

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