White House FBI Probe Into Clinton Emails: Did Hillary Clinton break the law by using her personal email for state business?

  • Without bias, she plain and simply broke the law.

    I do not long to see Hillary Clinton in prison, nor do I long to see her vindicated. With that being said, yes, she obviously broke the law. Was it with intent? Was U.S. intelligence compromised because of her bad judgment? Does she belong in prison? This remains to be seen and is not up to the people. Speculation on my part past the fact that she broke the law would be futile.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton broke the law by using her email for official State Department business.

    Federal law bars anyone working at the State Department from using a private email server for official business. Furthermore, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was required to sign a form stating that she understood this law. Therefore, by using a private email serve for official State business, Clinton broke the law, and should be held accountable like anyone else would be.

  • Yes, Hilary broker the law.

    Yes, Hilary Clinton broke the law by using her personal email for state business, however, it was not an egregious offense. Hilary Clinton should not have used her personal email because state matters are not personal and private and there should be some oversight. Clinton, however, should not be judged too harshly.

  • No, there is not enough evidence to support this

    Although it does seem suspicious that Hillary Clinton used her personal email for state business, so far no one has proven that it was against the law. There have been several inquiries into the subject and none so far have supported any evidence that laws were broken. It may be something that our government needs to look in more, but at this point in time it's not conclusive enough to say she broke the law.

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