Who do you prefer? Stefan(yes if you prefer stefan) or Damon (pick no for Damon)

Asked by: unicorns45
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  • Damon is the one who is best

    Damon is like the bad guy of the show . I mean with last season of the vampire diaries him not coming back to life is terrible my household loves damon even though i am a guy i even like damon more than stefan in the show Damon RULES! BOO STEFAN!

  • No i love Damon!

    I love Damon because even when he goes sorta bad guy again and again. He is still there. Stefan is supposed to be the good guy of the 2 salvatore brothers. But when Stefan goes evil it is just angering. Also Stefan just seems so "good guy." when in my opinion he is worse then Damon when he goes evil.

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