Who has a better chance of making the CFP: Clemson or Ohio State?

Asked by: Thunderfin
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  • The Buckeyes are headed to the National Championship

    Clemson: Predicting a 10-2 or 11-1 season for the Tigers. Tough game to start the season at Auburn, though I think the Tigers will fall against FSU at Doak Campbell. Even though Deshaun Watson is back, I don't think the Tigers can muster up another miracle 12-0 season.

    Ohio State: Not an OSU, but the worst they'll finish is 11-1. The sole loss will either be against Oklahoma or Mich. State. OSU's hungry and will avenge last year's fluke loss to the Spartans. If they beat the Spartans and finish at 11-1, the Buckeyes will be selected by the Committee to compete in the Playoffs. Urban Meyer's too good of a coach to lose to Mich. State two times in a row.

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