• Men have life easier than women.

    Men have life easier than women. They can just go through life unattached to anyone in particular. Women are always under the constant pressure of finding a man to spend the rest of their lives with. Also, men never have to have periods or birth children, which is hard and painful.

  • Yes, men have life easier because women are discriminated against.

    Historically, men have had most of the power in virtually all areas of life. There have literally been laws against women doing the same things men are allowed to do. Even though many countries have eliminated most or all of these laws, there is still prejudice and sexism against women, resulting in things like objectification and lower pay.

  • Yes we do have it easier

    We dont have to worry about even half the stuff girls do like periods, birth, sex, ect. And us guys dont really have to worry about anything other than how to survive but thats why we need girls becuase they make our life easier but we feel bad that we dont really show appreciation for what they do for us so girls please dont get mad at us becuase when dont appreciate what u do for us becuase we really do appreciate it and please dont get made at us becuase we dont understand half of what u have to go through have a nice day Yes im a guy

  • Women are no longer discriminated against.

    Women have been discriminated against in the past. But in the present day, women are just as able to get a job that would have only been for a man just a few years ago. As far as education, women now outnumber men over all in colleges, in that there are more total in the unite states. I will admit that, in areas such as the Middle East, sexism is still alive. But in America, women are equal to men.

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