Who is more powerful: James Heller (yes) or Alex Mercer (no)?

Asked by: tpmassive
  • James Heller wins this.

    James Heller ends up to be stronger, if you play the game you see he has powers and abilities Mercer never got plus the military training, he's also more motivated not to mention the DLC with it's minor bonuses. The only thing Mercer has as an advantage is that he uses virus powers more than a year. James Heller is superior nearly in every aspect.

  • Alex Mercer is strongest

    Alex Mercer wanted to be beaten so that the burden of being on top would be James Heller problem. He took it easy on him on purpose. If he felt so inclined to kill him he would have even if Heller was using all his strength to kill Mercer it would be impossible.

  • He killed mercer

    He has strong powers and he is a good guy, but if you say that Mercer is powerful you are a jerk. Heller risk his live for his daugther ,and killed Mercer with hi own hands,and if you remebere when Mercer tried to take hellers power back he stoped him

  • He killed mercer

    He has strong powers and he is a good guy, but if you say that Mercer is powerful you are a jerk. Heller risk his live for his daugther ,and killed Mercer with hi own hands,and if you remebere when Mercer tried to take hellers power back he stoped him

  • Yes, James Heller is powerful in many things.

    Yes, James Heller is more powerful than Alex Mercer, because James Heller is so popular in so many fields. Even though James Heller is a fictional character, his character is a big deal, having served in the army and then later as a Congressman. That kind of political power is hard to beat.

  • James Heller Best

    He defeated Mercer, and not only is he stronger but he is a much more interesting and relate-able character. Mercer is just too bland and doesn't have much going for him he is like a plank of wood and he isn't even a hero more an anti-hero or villain so Heller wins.

  • Heller is somewhat better

    After everything the two have been through, they both are superior. I'm not saying that Alex is weak, but I think Heller's is just a little bit stronger than Alex. Firstly, when James killed many of Mercer's other Evolved, Mercer was trying to consume Heller, or just return his power, Heller resists it. However, at the last scene, when Heller is about to fight Alex, Alex consumes every single one of the Evolves beside him almost immediately. That means Heller is much more powerful than other Evolves that Alex chooses. Secondly, at the last fight, I don't think Mercer plays very fair. Because Mercer consumes the Evolves that are on his side, which grants him more power, but Heller was still able to beat him, that means he is more powerful than Alex and other Evolves combined. Thirdly, Heller is a bit older than Alex, and he was a military sergeant, which means he has more combat experience. Finally, although they have similar powers, Heller's weaponry are more offensive than defensive. Mercer has armor, James doesn't, but the game company replaces the armor with a better shield(Mercer's shield can be broken, but Heller's cannot, and able to reflect more harmful weapons). Moreover, the game company also substitutes Mercer's muscle-mass power to tendril power. Muscle-mass boosts Mercer's attack damage and throw damage and range, but tendril has more purposes. It is able to keep huge infected such as brawlers, goliaths, in place, it can damage a victim, while damaging or even killing other enemies around. So overall, tendril power is more useful than muscle-mass. I think that is pretty much everything to indicate why Heller is stronger, but after all, both of them are kick-ass overpowered heroes/villain.

  • Get over Mercer fanboys

    AS someone with an impressive record in the leaderboards (if i do say so myself), there is many things in P2 that heller does that Alex does not, like killing a Goliath multiple times and later spreading out the tendrils to Mass-Consume all the infected. Those feats aside, Heller kilsl Mercer even after mercer absorbed all the "evolved" to give himself more strength for the final fight. So it was really the power of Mercer and a dozen Evolved vs James Heller, and James won, So i think its safe to say that James Heller is not only stronger but also has "evolved/mutated" even more than Alex, and his victory in the game was a well-deserved one.

  • Heller is more powerful

    But many forgot thats alex told that he can regenerate himhimself by his blood like he did in the first parts ending ,so heller did not consume the hands of alex at the last fight so there are chances that he may not have been dead ...Or may be that he may turn heller into himself

  • Heller is superior

    Mercer made a mistake playing with his feast. Later on when he tries to consume him he is unable to. Heller obviously became far more powerful that Mercer expected him to be. Later on Heller is able to kill Mercer. As silly as it looks, if Mercer didn't play with Jimmy, he would've lived.

  • Alex went easy on Heller.

    During the final boss battle with Alex, he uses barely any of the powers he had in the first game, like the muscle mass or the full armour. In fact, if you use the wrong weapon against him, he'll correct you on it, advising you on how to beat him. Like Kesssler to Cole McGrath in Infamous, he chose to lose the final fight, since he knew Heller would take his place one day, since he too was just an aspect of the Prototype.

  • "Welcome to the top of the food chain"

    Alex Mercer intended for James Heller to win. Remember how Alex survived the massive nuclear explosion at the end of the first game? James couldn't have survived that.

    Alex Mercer is dead. The Alex Mercer we know and love is actually the virus that consumed his body, thinking that it is him. So technically, one would have to eliminate every single viral cell to wipe Alex from the face of the earth. Alex intended to turn James into one of the Evolved. However, if you remember, Dana's DNA was to be used for the superorganism because of the qualities in James's DNA. It's indicated that had there not been some kind of gene in his DNA, James would be an Evolved. Therefore, he's infected with an inferior strain to Alex, but that strain mutated into something with powers parallel (but not necessarily superior) to Alex's infecting strain due to James's special DNA.

    In the boss fight, Mercer hardly goes all out and actually instructs Heller the correct power to use. If Alex used his superior intellect, skills, combat experience, or Musclemass and Armor, the fight would end very, very quickly. Obviously, at the end, Alex tells James "Welcome to the top of the food chain" implying that Alex intended for James to take his place so he could know what it was like to be an apex predator. Apex predators NEVER lose their place to inferior organisms. See for yourself in every single food chain on Earth. I honestly believe that Alex has infected James's system and is actually functioning within him. Both of them are shapeshifters that consume other organisms, assimilating the consumed's powers, memories, and abilities. What happens when a shapeshifter consumes another? Is that even possible in the Prototype universe?

    Alex develops an Armor and Blade without consuming anything or anyone, and he can mutate powers like Musclemass and Hammerfist by using Evolution Points. However, Heller must consume enemies to grant himself new Powers. We can assume the Armored Heller skin from the Excessive Force DLC is canon if he gained the ability by "consuming" Mercer. Had Heller developed an Armor or another power on his own, we could say the virus he had was on par with Alex, but that never happened.

    Alex Mercer is far superior to James Heller. Like I said, apex predators at the top of a food chain never lose to anything below, and James Heller was below. However, in nature, apex predators never intentionally lose to inferior organisms. It's pretty obvious that Alex "lost" on purpose.

  • Alex let him pass, went easy on him.

    Just as Duncan said, he went a little bit too easy on Heller, why? I don't have an exact and good answer for that but, maybe it was of the burden of being a super being creature something. But in any ways, Mercer is plain stronger than Heller accept it.

  • He's the best ! ALEX MERCER

    It was alex who gave power to james.James used his powers against Alex.Still Heller finds it difficult to beat mercer.I believe anyone who said Heller was superior didn't play THE PROTOTYPE.If so there wouldnt be so Yes here.Heller just managed to take some of his powers. But still some are left.Alex was the first superhuman to act against the infection(in prototype 1).He jumped over buildings comsumed and knew more than heller.Mercer had way more experience than Heller.The makers of P2 havent even looked at the storyline of P1.It was the best game and Alex is the best

  • MERCER wins in every way.

    The only new thing heller had was the bio bomb. Mercer took a nuclear blast in his face a still survived, and you are saying the a few hits from heller can kill him. Mercer was better in Every way. Mercers blade could destroy a whole tank in one blow and heller can't. Mercers hammer fists could destroy tanks with one blow and Heller can't. Tendrils were good but still muscle mass was better. Mercers claws could destroy the tanks in one blow with the ground spike attack( with spikes the size of juggernauts) and what can heller do jump on the tank, that isn't even a special move and does not do any damage to tanks. Mercers whip fist had much longer range than Hellers whip fist, and it also had more damage. Mercer had a 10 story jump while standing still and heller had 8 story jump. Mercer was much faster than heller on walls. The only thing I doubt is the running speed on ground, maybe heller is faster in ground running speed. Mercer had 3 devastators and heller had only one, with much less damage the mercers devastators. Mercers glide was much faster and longer than Hellers glide. Mercer had much more abilities if you see his upgrades menu. Mercer also had the patsy and alitery strikes. Mercer also had adrenaline surge. Mercer is also much smarter. Mercer also had armor and a shield( although the shield was not as strong as Hellers shield) but the fact that we can move while using armor, makes armor much better tha Hellers shields. The enemies in prototype were stronger and tougher than the enemies of prototype 2. Mercer also had thermal and infected vision. Mercer was much better in movement. Mercer defeated Elizabeth Greene( the mother of all infected) and the supreme hunter without much problem. Mercer was also much more experienced than heller. Mercer is better than heller in every way. The only reason he lost from heller is because the writers were stupid and made heller win.
    In the end I would say that mercer stomps.

  • Alex IS the Virus!

    At the end of the first game, Alex himself admitted that he was the virus itself. So if Alex = Blacklight, and Blacklight is injected into the Evolved (and thus Heller), any power that heller got was basically enabled and given to him by Alex (or Zeus, as the 'real' Alex died at the beginning of the game). So with more evidence not stated here, Alex let Heller win. (Though I do admit, whoever made the second game totally did not follow and forgot many of the main points of the first game).

  • Ofcourse alex is powerful

    During the fight where was his adrenaline surge which gave him single free devastator attack? Also he possesed tendrils as shown in beginning and in the cutscene of the mission "fall from the grace". If he can block the attack of ours by the power which we are using why didn't he did it everytime? During selecting hammerfist in last round he also use blade as well as whipfist so if we r using the same he can block it. Also one is not so stupid enough to attack with the same moves when one is blocked. Like whipfist grab or the air slice attack. The makers underestimate this as they just wanted Mercer to die. This fight would be more entertaining if it would be like Vergil vs Hollow vergil of DMC: devil may cry.

  • Alex mercer is best!

    When we think like the prototype creators than we all would know that mercer got few more powers over time but didn't showed them.Heller would die if mercer want it.That means he planed it. If you hear he's last words than you hear welcome to the foodchain or something that means he wanted him to do that cause he knows that he will become heller.
    Ps.Sry speack usally german

  • Mercer went easy on Heller in the game.

    Mercer didnt even used his full potential in battle. All he did when battling with Heller were his weapons only, he did not use the Armor, and also, he just keeps on attacking, he's more agile and fast, but he did not use it. If that boss fight is a PvP, Mercer surely wins, Cause he's much more stronger than Heller.

  • Mercer is more powerful

    The reason is that not because he is more popular or repeatable but because he is the original Prototype, or "Evolved", Heller ended up with the virus and so just because Heller evolved faster don't matter, the only reason he had been defeated by Heller is because he had a reason to fight, he fought for his daughter and if Mercer had a reason like that he would crush Heller with ease and the earlier post was correct, Mercer didn't use any of the original powers given in the 1st which proves he was going easy.

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rajun says2013-08-09T15:04:55.180
Heller is far more powerful..Play the game and understand.
tpmassive says2013-08-11T19:03:35.497
I've played it and I am convinced that the fight between Heller and Mercer was unfair. Mercer never used any of the powers he had on prototype 1.