Who made the better Halo game: Bungie (yes) or 343 (no)?

  • Bungie created it and did great

    Bungie made halo and did the unimaginable, the first halo game was a great game and when we asked for more bungie added more, they put in what we wanted, halo 2 brought in the playable elites, energy sword, dual wielding and new vehicles weapons etc. What 343 did with halo 4 was good but what they did with master chief and the main purpose of halo was changed. They changed master chief into a soldier who talked in every cut seen they went to someone who didn't talk at all into someone who talks alot. The purpose of halo was to stop the flood destroy the halo rings. And then 343 decides to get ride of the flood get rid of the rings and bring in a whole new thing. But if 343 does something with the next halo game with mendicant bias or something amazing happens I believe that bungie made the better halo game

  • Ruined a great game

    Maybe one day microsoft will wake up and realize what they've done and get bungie back on board. But i wouldnt count on it. Halo WAS one of the greatest games of the xbox line up. It's the game that brought to the other side from PlayStation. It's just sad that it went from that to a game that in the last 2 installments i didnt even care to finish campaign. And I'm not even gonna discuss the multiplayer aspect

  • Hard to choose

    Originally I hated 343i because of all the negative reviews on Halo 4 and 5. Now that I think of it, 343 isn't that bad. Halo 4 was a little confusing for me but I still enjoyed it, even though it was crazy hard! Out of preference, I like Bungie's art style/atmosphere better, particularly with Halo 3: ODST. It's really not a big deal to me. The Halo universe is what it is, and I really really love it!

  • Storyline, and better multiplayer.

    The thing that made Halo multilayergreat was the slow paced stategy combat, you had to watch your back while also trying to find a better weapon. The storyline on Halo 4 was good but it didn't have enough levels where the maps where light colours, most of the maps on the campaign were dark and depressing. Theres also many other things i would say, but thats for another day.

  • Storyline, and better multiplayer.

    The thing that made Halo multilayergreat was the slow paced stategy combat, you had to watch your back while also trying to find a better weapon. The storyline on Halo 4 was good but it didn't have enough levels where the maps where light colours, most of the maps on the campaign were dark and depressing. Theres also many other things i would say, but thats for another day.

  • Bungie's Old Enemies

    In Halo 1-3, it was nice and old and very military futuristic, the marines too!!! In Halo CE, there is a huge fight and introducing the Flood, and Halo 2, it introduced Brutes which was a big enemy, Halo 3 was the best in my opinion with the best marines in futuristic boots, the terrifying flood, the enemies small boss fights... Halo reach was a good one too, but the last... There'll be another time... It had every modification to the armor, your modified armor was in the campaign, Emile carved a skull on his helmet to proof he was a killer machine and those helmets weren't a million dollars, THERE WAS DOLLARS IN THAT AGE!!! Sadly 343 ruined it, with it's metallic gun shots, reloading, and getting rid of guns and brutes and the flood! Why the forerunners fighting against you? With their terrible nights and there is too much metallic gun sounds and the marines!! THEY WERE RUINED RUNNING AROUND IN NERF ARMOR ESPECIALLY HALO 5! And now they have spartan abilities, they are against each other, some weird multiplayer death ding and their death animations... It's just ruined...

  • Bungee hands down

    Bungee had better grasp on game design in general. Halo 4 May have been just a subpar halo campaign, but halo 5 is abysmal. Halo 5 May have a good multiplayer, but it is surely not halo, it's honestly is just a variation of cod. Bungee had good campaigns and God like multiplayer.

  • Bungie makes better Halo games

    Bungie makes better Halo games than 343. Because, then know how to make a good Campaign story line than 343. 343's Halo 4 games takes place 4 years later and Cortana said "A lot can happen on 4 years". I want to know what has happen in that gap and how they lost they Alliance with the Covenant.

  • We had so much more with bungie

    When bungie made halo we had so much more than any other gaming community we were the first to have the forge concept ifnyou wanted that high rank you had to earn it we started screenshots and theater for FPS games maybe even all games we had a holiday did everyone forget bungie day 7 on 7 we had culture we made art used halo to be any game genre we could make anything and play anything it was paradise. Then everything changed when 343 attacked halo 4 was meh we had classes poor armor a poor story poor maps it was just not good then it got worse with 5 forges controls were jacked up you had to buy your armor in those packs yea you can earn them but I wanna earn my armor the right way with skill not packs worse story of all its more COD you use L trigger to aim this is not the halo way at all why not just morph COD and halo right at least we have MCC right WRONG! They jacked it too the halo CE playlist is team doubles no one wanted that we wanted 5v5 or 4v4 not doubles they added a few things to the CE multiplayer but everyone votes halo 4 90% of the time and why not also give it its own revised multiplayer with up graphics that would have been nice you didn't jack up halo to classic but halo 2 anniversary was jacked the worst only 6 maps really only 6 why not add some of the good city maps in and those forge planes suck no city scape why do we need two space ones only 3 armor choices for the races WOO I love it when there's no variety you did like 4 things right and that's goldin warthog red energy sword gungoose and gungoose CTF then you even screwed up 3 it was all done for you but you had to tweak it can't mix up armor pieces and sandbox sandtrap and snowbounds guardians were DOWN where did the halo gods go 343 and the worst part of it all was that there was no way to share game types maps films or screenshots as far as I knew of and you tacked on horrible halo 4 MCCshould have been a thank you to bungie not self promotion for your crap 343 YOU LOSE GOOD DAY

  • We had so much more with bungie

    When we had bungie it wasn't just a game we had culture we were the first to make maps and game types we had a holiday has everyone forgot bungie day 7 on 7 we had everything first that almost every other game has now like theater and screenshots machinimas made in bungies halos were the best we had a great story amazing characters it was perfect. Then everything changed when 343 attacked horrible story classes poor maps poor armor halo 4 was men then 5 ruined it you had packs to get armor in you don't earn it in any way you buy it forge controls were jacked up worst story you use the other trigger to aim nobody wanted this crap I'm sure of it and MCC was only good for 1 2 and 3 and you still screwed us we couldn't mix up armor and the sandbox sandtrap and snowbound guardians didn't work and you screwed halo 2 anniversary out of some of the good city maps and only three armor choices for each race the only two cool things was goldin warthog and red energy sword you screwed the halo CE playlist by making it doubles it should have been 5v5 and why add the new stuff in CE if its playlist is awful and all the noons wanna play your piece of crap 4 over the good classics 343 you lose

  • 343 does it better

    I don't care what a bunch of biased reviews online say, Halo 3 was absolute garbage and actually kept me away from the series for a long time because I thought there was nothing left in it for me. It's back to having some promise and some good showings, Bungie no longer being responsible helped the series drastically.

  • 343 Industires is better.

    Back, in the day I loved Halo for what it was. Me and my sibling playing split screen. Then Halo Reach came along. Every single thing about Reach was broken. Noble Team were Spartan III? No. Spartan III's wore SPI armor not Mjlnor. Then Emile is scratching a skull in his million dollar helmet because it looks "cool". The Spartan III's weren't even on Reach. They were still training on Onyx while reach fell. After Reach I lost hope in Bungie. Then I found out another company was making it and I was so grateful. Halo 1-3 are still good but I would not want Bungie pulling another Reach.

  • 343 all the way

    I Love the first 3 halos , but , halo reach is shit, everything is broken, like, who in the hell would scratch a skull in a million dollar Helmet just cause it looks cool?! And 343 did great getting rid of the flood. Only complain is that halo 5 doesn't have split screen, but That's okay

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